View Full Version : Did i buy the wrong one?

09-14-2008, 11:03 AM
Hey everyone.
Please help.

I have bought a Spyder Kingman ACS Bolt Universal Electric Delrin for my 2007 Spyder Xtra Classic.
Did i buy the wrong one?
The seller told me it would fit.
But i have a hard time trying to install it.
If anyone would like to check this item on ebay and see if i bought the rite one, please do.


11-21-2008, 12:32 PM
Unfortunately yes, you did buy the wrong one. I know cause I bought one too, with the same statement from the seller that it would fit.

But once I find that it didn't fit, the online company said I can return it.

They say there is no anti-chop bolt available for our 07 spyder xtras.

Hope you can get a refund.