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09-11-2008, 06:49 PM
Okay, so my question is relating to how much these would add up in terms of mb or gb of bandwidth usage. Obviously this isn't that easy of calculation except for the real nerd types :P haha jk, but even for the people knowledgable in that kinda thing, its still hard due to the variables involved in that. okay, without further running on, heres the different things i need to know for:

Say an hour of youtube video watching,
Keeping MSN messenger open all day,
5-6 hours of an online poker game such as party poker or pacific poker,
Surfing the net, mostly these forums, facebook, msn.ca news site, cnn news site, and the odd random site,
Downloading a couple of songs on Itunes, as well as Updates for Ipods, Itunes, and the odd computer app,
sending maybe 10 emails,
and umm I guess thats about it.

BTW, If possible, im more concerned about the usage per each of those things, not all combined.