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09-10-2008, 09:56 AM
The VS Series has taken an unprecedented step forward in paintball marker performance while still maintaining the simplicity and reliability of the classic Spyder design. By using a lightweight Striker and an all new Delrin bolt construction, Spyder engineers reduced the reciprocating weight of the VS Series marker internals which increased the stability of the marker during high rates of fire. Equipped standard with a paintball detection system, the VS Series Infra-red break beam eyes check the breach for a paintball before allowing the marker to fire. This system eliminates the chances of "chopping" paintballs. Spyder technology now allows the NEW VS1 paintball marker to function at high rates of fire using either CO2 or Compressed Air.


Light weight bonded polymer grip frame
Multi-modes of operation (semi-auto eyes on, semi-auto eyes off, and 3 burst)
Tournament lock
Rate of fire up to 20 bps
Push button membrane selector switch
Break beam eye ball detection system
Pull-pin top cocking knob
Quick access delrin bolt
Dual rubber ball detents
10" muzzle break barrel
No-slip wrap around grip
3-way adjustable two finger trigger
Vertical inline expansion chamber
Compatible with CO2 or Compressed Air

$100 OBO

I need to take new pics, I can throw in a low rise feed neck and an SHocktech LPC
Tell me what you want in the deal or you will get a Completely stock VS1
If the Price is Right this VS 1 can be yours.

Paypal only.

09-10-2008, 12:13 PM
Trade my VS2 for it? We keep barrels, you can keep that drop?

09-10-2008, 12:16 PM
Trade my VS2 for it? We keep barrels, you can keep that drop?