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09-09-2008, 01:19 PM
I just purchased a vs1 great gun but i have a problem haha i was tinkering with it and unscrewed the screw that holds in the velocity adjuster and stryker spring... so the velocity adjuster flew out scared the hell out of me, and i put it in the next day i found the stryker spring on the floor.... "oh this looks important" so i put it back in and, now the velocity adjuster is sticking out way to far and it is jammed probably because i fired like 400 balls with it sticking out like that so i cant get it out plus the little whole on top of the stryker spring that the black thing on the delrin bolt goes into is like twisted around or something so the bolt doesn't lock in. please help i don't know what to do.

09-09-2008, 01:31 PM
Hmmm, sounds massively messed up. From what I'm gathering in your post, you found the hammer spring and put it back in before firing it, and after firing 400 balls through it, now the velocity adjustment screw won't go in or out?

Take the marker apart again, and this time, make sure you have all of the parts. You should have in the bottom tube (in this order): a pull pin, the back cap with velocity adjustment screw, a little piston-looking plastic thing (the guide for the spring), the hammer spring, the little black buffer around the hammer spring, and the striker. Of course the bolt comes out of the top tube, that's the only thing in there!

When reassembling the marker, make sure that on the striker (the first part that goes back into the gun) the hole for the bolt pin is facing up, and that the flat part is facing down (towards the frame). Next stick the spring with the buffer into the back of the striker in it's assigned hole. Stick the spring guide down the middle of the spring. Put pressure on the spring so that the marker can drop the sear, and pull the trigger. Put pressure on the spring again and pull the trigger again. The striker should now be installed. Check the position of the hole on the striker (again, it should be facing up), and stick your finger on the top of the body to mark where it is. Slide the bolt in and push the pin back down into the striker. Now is when you take the back cap/velocity adjuster, hold it to the back of the body, and put the pin back in to hold it all together.

Here is the link to it's manual, for visual aids: http://www.spyder.tv/section/support/manuals/vs1.pdf

09-09-2008, 07:31 PM
well it took my 2.5 hours of monkeying around and i fixed everything and it all works perfectly, i also fixed the excess amount of CO2 coming out of the end of the barrel :D thanks for all your help!