View Full Version : Ion part out, cocker Pneu's, Bunch of stuff for sale LOOK!!

09-07-2008, 09:47 PM
Im clearing out a bunch of stuff I dont need anymore, This stuff is good equipment that I just dont use anymore. Everything is OBO, If you buy more than 1 thing you get a discount, Prices include shipping. You pay, I ship...easy as that.

Thanks for looking!
Proto Mask with Fan - $30 shipped
Proto mask with visor - $25 shipped
Black Phace Mask has scratches and 1 crack on lense - $20 shipped
Egg2 hopper tape holding battery door closed and custom speed feed lid - $20 shipped
NXE 3 pod pack with pods - $20 shipped
JT Horizontal pod holder - $15 shipped

Autococker front block Pneumatics with rods - $45 shipped
Ion stock board with all hoses missing 1 bango fitting - $25 shipped
Ion firing can with bolt and donut $15 - shipped
Complete Ion upper assembly, Breech, firing can, bolt, donut, feedneck, barrel - $30 shipped
Ion trigger frame with Roller bearing trigger installed - $25 shipped
NDZ silver trigger - $20 shipped
Black LP regulator (forgot the brand) $25 shipped
Silver Gen x-2 reg Medium to high pressure reg - $25 shipped
ACI SubZero Expansion Chamber - $20 shipped
Automag Front grip handle - $20 shipped


Used DXS Pulse Hopper, Works perfect and feeds very fast but needs new shell. I heard DXS replaces the Hopper shells for free, you just need to ship it in to them, the feedneck is broken off. $40 shipped

You dont like my prices, please feel free to make an offer, but dont lowball and make it reasonable, and if your buying more than 1 item you'll get a discount.

09-08-2008, 03:25 PM
do you happen to have an ion rebuild kit? and also are the jt pads available?

09-08-2008, 03:32 PM
do you happen to have an ion rebuild kit? and also are the jt pads available?

I was gonna sell them, but then decided to keep them. No, dont have an ION rebuild kit, Sorry.