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08-31-2008, 06:33 PM
I will not become a CSI, Coroner or anything similar.

About 4 weeks ago there was a cat hanging out in our front bushes. It was their when we left in the morning then it was gone.

For the last few days their was an awful death smell somewhere around the front porch and we could not figure it out. Well I did a deep look with a flashlight (our front porch is sealed in by lattice) and guess what I found?

A very big, very dead cat. We had to use a long 3 prong rake to get it out and it was disgusting, maggots, nasty stuff the whole nine.

Well thats all for my nasty story.

08-31-2008, 07:33 PM
I went to Chicago once on vacation and had something similar happen. The first week of my trip I stayed up north, near the Wisconsin border, with a friend. I did this ever year for the 4th of July. We'd drive up to Wisconsin and buy a bunch of fireworks then have a huge party. The second half of my trip I would stay with my grandparents in the Joliet area. I was at my grandparents house for about 2-3 days and noticed an awful smell in their backyard. I mentioned it to my grandma and she said she smelled it to. We looked around but didn't find the cause. The next day, it was unbearable. The 3 of us, my grandma, grandpa and I, set out on a mission to find the source of the odor. My grandpa found it, underneath the upper level of their deck. He couldn't tell what it was but knew there was something under there. He pulled up a plank and we saw possibly the worst site I've ever seen, a huge raccoon, 1/2 eaten by maggots. My grandma said that she was in the front yard the day before 4th of July and saw a raccoon run into the culvert. The neighbor was out smoking his yard for mosquitoes and decided it would be a good idea to try to "smoke" the raccoon out. They never saw the raccoon come out but now we knew what happened to it. We had to pull up 4 boards, then maneuver this huge raccoon out between the cross beams. The thing was actually falling apart as we moved it and every time we moved it the smell got worse and worse. Only time I can ever remember gagging from a smell.

08-31-2008, 07:45 PM

I grew up on a farm, and during the summers it was very boring so my brother and I would go "exploring". We'd walk all over the place and find all kinds of neat things - we once found a rusted out truck, one of those old Model T looking things, in a ravine that was hidden by thick sand plum bushes and a grove of trees. The owner didn't even know it was there, he said!

During our travels, we saw our fair share of dead animals - cows, horses, raccoons, deer, snakes, skunks - you name it, I've probably seen and smelled it. The worst was a skunk we came across that was bloated. Our dog ran up and bit it, and the gas started seeping out of it. We say that it was being eating by maggots and smelled like death and skunk - talk about gag reaction!

A could of years ago, a family of birds got into our attic and one fell down between the wall and the heater unit. We heard it flapping in there for days, and I even tried to get it out as well, but just couldn't reach it. One day, we didn't hear it again and thought it had finally gotten out. No such luck. Did you know that birds can realy stink when they rot? I had to cut a hole in my daughter's wall next to the furnace just to fish the thing out...that was gross!

08-31-2008, 10:19 PM
eww x3...

since we don't have a garage but two tiny sheds attached to the house, we clear one shed out and gut deer in it. i have pics from last year somewhere on my mom's pc. a deer standing behind the targets got hit by a stray machine gun bullet while my dad's privates were at the range. after the police filed a death certificate, my dad asked if he could take it home and we spent all night in a 5x6 foot space gutting, skinning, and chopping up a deer. my brothers took the feet and tapped on the screen door to tell my sister to come out. then she freaked out and they started chasing her around the house with the feet and head!

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09-01-2008, 05:54 AM
my family has a little garden and 'coons will come and eat our corn, so we put down this gold marlin stuff (really meant to attract and kill flies) and the coons eat it. they don't get far from where they eat, it's pretty powerful stuff. but I always some how get the job of taking the nasty dead things and throwing them in a ditch.

09-02-2008, 05:48 PM
another cat story, months ago there was a dead cat on my way home from school and it was there for 9 days (maybe animal control were lazy) and didn't smell anything or see maggots (i wonder why?).

deano 177
09-03-2008, 01:54 PM
my buddy had a cat crawl into his truck and was relieved of it's head by the fan, guitine style. He didn't find it for about a week. then the smells....