View Full Version : how many shots 20 oz co2 or 48/3000

08-22-2008, 08:43 PM
hey i have a mr1 and a remote line and its a pain in the ass to keep taking off my tank and filling my tank i have a 12 oz, i was wondering how many shots woould i get off a 20 oz co2 tank or a 48/3000 psi tank. thx.

08-22-2008, 09:04 PM
i get anywhere from 800-900 shots off a 20oz an about the same on my 68/3000, so maybe 600-700 on the 48/3000? im not sure

08-23-2008, 04:56 AM
An average (not taking into consideration the operation of the gun, i.e. low pressure, spooly, poppit) could be figured like this.

For a 3000 psi tank, multiply the cubic inches by 10. For a 48ci/3000psi tank, you take 48 X 10 = 480, so the average shot count for that tank would be 480 shots. (Remember, some guns are much more efficient than others, so that number is just an AVERAGE.)

For a 4500 psi tank, multiply the cubic inches by 15. For example, a 68/4500 tank would be 68 X 15 = 1020, so the average shot count for that tank would be 1020 shots. (Again, that's just an AVERAGE. But it's a good place to start.)

Co2 tanks are different. I had a friend who only got 400 shots off his 20 oz (he shot an A5 Tippmann) while I got upwards of 1000 - 1200 shots off mine - before I went low pressure. After I went LP, I could get 2000 shots easily. Co2 is affected by weather and pressure, so it's hard to really nail down a number on them. If it's cold out, you won't get many shots, whereas if it's hot, you might get nearly double what you would get on a normally warmish day.

That being said, I get nearly 300 shots on my 3.5 oz with my Phantom, and I used to get about 600 - 800 shots with a 9 oz tank (similar to a 48/3000). As I said, before going LP, I got about 1000-1200 shots from a 20 oz tank (similar to a 68/4500).