View Full Version : Spiderman! ... but not really...

08-16-2008, 09:09 PM
Okay, so the other day, sometime during the day, it just so happened that I had either a Tick bite, or a Spider bite, or something along those lines. All was fine until yesterday afternoon, when i noticed that it began swelling, hardening, and became painful. I went to the doctor last night around 6 to get it checked out, and in between the time that i had seen it, and decided to go to the ER, to when i actually made the trip, the swelling and redness began travelling up my leg. So the doctor sees it, and perscribes me antibiotics (HUGE pills by the way haha), and draws a line around it, and says to go see him IMMEDIATLY if the swelling at any part goes past 1 thumbnail length past the lines. I wake up this morning, and its past these lines, so I decide to go in and get it checked. I get there, and its another doctor on call, who takes a quick look, and says there is absolutely no reason I should have come in about it being that far away (it was maybe about 1-1 1/4 inches past the line, which is over the warning that the other doc gave me), so all is fine, and they send me home. Fast forward to about 6:30 or 7, and the swelling is mabe 2 1/2- 3 Inches past and so I go in again, only this time, I have headaches, and the odd leg spasm to go with it. I get in the wait room, and am there for about an hour, and I get called in to see the nurse to get in to see the doctor, but this nurse won't even let me see the doctor, because it isnt urgent enough (well I mean she didnt not let me see him, more of just no, you dont need to see the doctor, but if you really really want to, you can). Now to my question, has anyone had a similar Spider or other small insect bite, and may know if this is normal what is happening to me in regards to the swelling and stuff?

What sort of does anger me though, is the healthcare system, and how they are too caught up in other things to actually take an indepth look at things, for one, when im told that I should immediatly get to the ER again to get it checked after it passes a certain point, only to get turned away when it does because I dont need to be there? This isnt the first time something like this has happend, for instance, a few years ago, I had appendicitis, and went to the hospital, where all they did was IV some fluids and electrolytes into me as I had not eaten in a week, and was probably 2-3 days without fluids, then sent home. Went to the hospital again the next week, and was told I had some flu virus, and sent home again. went to the hospital again the next week (3rd week of almost bed rest with no eating, and very limited fluid intake) and finally admitted in for appendicitis (after an 18 hour day of test after test after xray after xray), where I sat in a bed for 4 days before my "emergency surgery" (On a side note, after surgery, my surgeon told me that had I not had the surgery when I did, I would have died within 6 hours). You can kind of see my skeptisism with our health care system now, and why I am a bit leery listening to this doc say that this is fine after the other one had made it so clear that I needed to see him if it grew.

I honestly think privatized healthcare like you guys have in the states, as it is in the doctors best interest to look at you, because they get more money that way. (on another side note, you cant see a doctor more than once a day here, because they dont get paid by the gov't twice if you do, so its money out of their pockets.)