View Full Version : picky bout my barrel

Combat Wombat
08-11-2008, 08:18 PM
so l've been pretty picky on how my gun is going and am stuck when it comes to the barrel. l want to get a barrel with a shroud with a quad pikintinny rail system (top. bottom. left. right). so far the only one l have seen is the one that trinity makes and l actually ordered but it was sent with A5 threading and l didn't even like it. felt jst cheap and the rails were smaller than l was thinking.
awhile bck l googled MR2 or something and found a pic of a guy who had a sick barrel. looked like an 16", maybe an 8" shroud with quad rails and he had a broomstick with rail covers on the other three. besides the barrel, he had a sight rail with a rear iron sight (the front was on the barrel) and he had his gun resting on a desert tan tactical vest with a helmet not far away.
l guess if anyone has seen the pic or know the guy, if hes on here that would be a great help and l would totally appreciate it. :D

08-11-2008, 09:42 PM
A lot of shrouds come off the barrel and you can swap out the inner barrel. I have a 14" J&J running through mine right now.