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cov boy
03-02-2006, 08:10 AM
Hi all i'm new to this site and sort of new to paintballing, i 1st played about 7 years ago and have played a few time since, now i have my own marker and want to play all the time.
I need i bit of help from some of you guys, i have a new spyder electra 05, i got it from a friend with loads of other gear i'm told the bottle costs about 250 on its own, also the hopper is a good one(sorry for the wording lol) anyway i payed 250 for the lot, i also got lots more things with it like a marker bag, bottle cover and more.
The only thing i didnt get was a 9.6v rechagable battery and charger but was useing a 9v and im told i need the 9.6v?
When i took it out on saturday played one round with it o.k but then it just packed up on me, i was only getting off one shot and the "SAFETY" would turn its self on? is that the battery?
Do you guy think i should add some ups to it? if so what do i start with? i from the uk so there are not many shops here that sell paintball gear but i do know some good sites.

Here are some pics of my marker.

Thanks for any help



cov boy
03-02-2006, 08:12 AM
The bottle is 5000psi

03-02-2006, 08:31 AM
I would say that it probably is the battery. The Spyder frames don't do too well with a regular 9v battery. Get a 9.6v rechargeable and see if that works. I've never heard of a electric frame with a safety, its either on or off, so if the switch is on and it won't fire, I'd say battery.

As for ups, the Electra is pretty good as is. If you really want to you could convert your marker to an LP marker. If you are up for a little reading check out OtterSC Customs (http://www.ottersccustoms.com), its like the Spyder bible. Also here are a couple spots on his site you might be interested it:

LP FAQ (http://www.ottersccustoms.com/lp.html)
Project LP (http://www.ottersccustoms.com/project.html)

Welcome to the forum, never hesitate to ask any question, we are all more than willing to help.

cov boy
03-02-2006, 08:40 AM

and mybe i worded it bad but the safety is on the lcd(dont know what else to call it) and is on when i turn the gun on when i push the button on goes off, all thats good, i put in a new 9v battery and its ok now but only gameplay will tell, i will get a new 9.6v does anyone know where i can get one or will anyone do?

03-02-2006, 08:56 AM
any electronics store should have them available for fairly cheap id pick up two so u have one charged on backup if yours dies since your gun seems to not like 9v some do soem dont i guess its jsut luck of the draw there. you could always put a t-board in your trigger so you can shoot faster if you are interested in that. you can get them with eyes so you dont chop but have to mill your trigger frame and body for them. or simply get an acs bolt from most websites but you msut break the bolt in when you get it. jsut compress it off your hand for an hour or so otherwise it will turn your gun into a blender and chop alot. and as shunut said going low pressure is alwasy a possibility

www.scenariodreams.com is a good place to get the t-board if you interested

03-02-2006, 09:05 AM
It is the battery is low.

get Kingman 9.6 v rechargeble battery also Kingman charger.

03-02-2006, 02:19 PM
the gun looks nice :) ..
The 9.6 volt battery should be avaliable at your local pb shop .. but if not ... here (http://www.actionvillage.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/en/-/USD/DisplayProductInformation-Start;sid=gSrYIBvco4nYql_b_AkYiBEIPtkAupptgv8=?Pro ductID=HsLAqArbwUcAAAEIFz997Jwi)
You could always try shimming your noid ... (putting a penny behind the solenoid)

03-02-2006, 05:01 PM
Batteries , try here m8


Fast delivery to the Uk, ive ordered twice from them, and each time delivered within 5 working days.
u will probably get about 300 shots from a normal 9v.
i have used these PowerEx with no probs.(hopper as well).

u have a PMI fiberwrapped bottle, can get them for 130 new.(70 secondhand, depending on date).

i would leave the electra stock, play for a few months , sell it ,then get yourself a higher end marker.Theres plenty of good condition markers for sale on the forums in the uk.
Getting Ups in the UK for the electra is a nightmare, no one has any.The amount u will spend on delivery (from the USA) and duty if it goes through customs(most likely)is not worth it.

believe me , been there done that.(but has been fun, and still is)
To get my electra fully Uped, i have spent around 400.
shoots better than my ION, just a little louder, lol.
just got a very good price on a Arsenal G7 Fly, so the electra will only see daylight once in a while for now.

as u being in the UK, if u need any help, email me

cov boy
03-03-2006, 12:50 AM
Thanks to all of you foe your help.

I think i will keep it stock, but will try the web site given for a new battery. The was cheap and i dont see the point is spending £££ on ups but one day i will get a high end marker but not now.

Here are some of the thing that you guys talk about that i dont know what they are....

Sorry but i just dont what you guy are on about its all new to me..lol i know there all parts of my gun but the only things i know are (gun/hopper/bottle/mask, shootshootshootshoot IM HIT! haha

03-03-2006, 04:28 AM
Noid and Solenoid are the samething. Actually in the Spyder diagrams its not called a solenoid, it called a coil set. Its that round silver thing in your trigger frame, at the top, that pushes the sear so that your gun fires.

Shimming is placing something behind the piston, usually a penny or dime, of the coil set/solenoid/noid to reduce the amount of travel.

T-Board is a board made by Scenario Dreams that allows you to finely tune your gun, add eyes and have uncapped rate of fire. You can find them on Sceanrio Dreams' (http://www.scenariodreams.com) website.

cov boy
03-04-2006, 09:54 AM
Thanks well now i know.