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07-31-2008, 01:23 PM
1) Anyone know of an LPC that will fit the MR-1 yet?

I have been poking around both on the forums and online trying to find something but so far I have been unsuccessful. Rattling around in the back of my head is a faint whisper that LPC's that fit the VS series will also fit the MR's, but I can't confirm if that is truth or just my mind inventing things I want to make me happy...

2) Anyone tried Otter's Valve mod where you drill out the opening with a 5/16" bit?

I am wanting to drop the pressure a bit (as will be painfully obvious and likely pulled a groan to anyone who has happened upon any of my other threads ;-) ), but being the father 10, 8 and 1.5 year old girls with a stay at home wife I don't have a great deal of "mad" money for my own, so I am trying to save where I can. That being said I understand the idea of being "penny wise and pound foolish". If the valve mod works as well as the aftermarket valves and isn't going to cause catastrophic failure of my marker in a fire fight, I would like to give it a go (I also forgot to mention I am a natural born tinkerer. I didn't have my gun a full 2 hours from the time I left the shop and I had all the pieces spread out on the dining room table). However if it just going to "ruin" the valve so I just have to buy another I would rather buy it up front and save the stock valve as a spare.

I haven't had my valve out for a while, so I will likely pull it tonight to look at it and try to decide if it seems worth it, but I thought there may be someone around here who has done it and could give me a little heads up ;-)

Thanks in advance =D

07-31-2008, 01:48 PM
there are NO LPCs for the MR/AMG body. the reservoir plug on the front is held in by a screw while standard spyder LPCs are threaded in like a barrel.

i did Dragon's valve mod, which basically cuts out a rectangle the width of your valve where the top hole is. he posted this mod on the old forums, but i dont think he posted it here. personally, i havent seen any improvement, but that may be because my valve leaks. i would go ahead and spend the $10 on a 32 Degrees Magnaport valve.

07-31-2008, 05:07 PM
Hmmm...I guess I was thinking the valve was like $40 and the stem was $10 =p

I guess I should go look again ;-)

07-31-2008, 06:57 PM
yeah, together, they're $15 as a set, or $10 for just the valve.