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07-30-2008, 06:22 AM
So I was wondering if there have been anymore in the way of findings since the last time I asked about this...

I am looking at doing a few upgrades to my marker and am first looking at the relatively simple ones. I took the venturi out of my bolt already, but now I am looking at getting a Delrin bolt to eliminate the rubbing and wear I am getting now. The other thing I was looking at was the striker. On the Alamo City site they say you can see a difference of ~25fps just by changing to the Delrin sleeved/Stainless Core striker...

Anyone use this or know someone who has? Is it worth the $30?

07-30-2008, 07:42 AM
I haven't even heard of a Delrin striker. If it's only $30 I say get it and see if it does it's job.

07-30-2008, 08:12 PM
It is the one put out by Alamo City...After I posted this I got poking around and found a thread where they discussed it possibly being too big and needing to be sanded down...

I will likely pick one up eventually, but once they mentioned it needing modding to allow the gun to recock properly it dropped a couple spots on my list ;-)

Changes to be at this point:

1) Clamping Feedneck - Most likely a Trinity - Mine has been fine thus far (Though I did buy a small pile of the nuts for the screws that hold it on as they tend to loosen up a bit and sometimes I lose the nut) but I figure it will eventually decide it has had enough and snap off...

2) Delrin Bolt - Alamo City - I want to do this one right off just to reduce the wear on the gun, otherwise it would be after the stabilizer

3) Palmers Direct Stabilizer - I don't recall them having the "Direct" version last time I looked it up, but it has a 1/8" npt thread on top which will screw right into the gun frame. Apparently it is just the hose at that end which is metric so I can do away with the adapter and save it for when I replace the current line with a braided stainless line and need the adapter for the other end ;-)

3A) Stainless Steel Braided Line - Assuming mine no longer fits the way I want it to, plus I am not sure if the adapter will have the space to thread in the side...

4) Delrin Striker

5) A highflow valve - Maybe a 32 degrees Mangaport, but I will research it as the time comes =)

?) Somewhere in there I will probably do Otters Trigger Mods to get rid of some of the play, then maybe drop a lighter sear spring in if I can find one...Just tinkering it looked like I could take ~1/2-2/3 of the travel out of the trigger.

??) Maybe someday and electric hopper, but for now I do not hit rates of fire which call for this. I have been on the receiving end of some fool with a walking trigger and a q-loader throwing out like 25-30 balls per second from like 25' away. By the time the first one hits you and he stops there are already another dozen or so in the air on their way. I do not want to be that jerk on the field =p One shot one kill works for me ;-)

Anything else you can think of that I should look at?

As of right now I do not intend to change from CO2 to HPA. In my opinion, for the overall pros/cons and availability in my area CO2 is just a MUCH better option. For a more indepth discussion you can refer to my thread "A couple of different Upgrade Questions..."back on 1-5-08, last topped 3-6-08 ;-)

I was just thinking...I don't think I make many short posts overall on this forum =p

07-30-2008, 09:35 PM
One thing you have to worry about when you go to a delrin striker is weight. It is possible to have too light of a setup.

07-30-2008, 10:01 PM
You forgot one of the most important parts, a spring kit. You'll have nothing but troubles with the delrin striker, strike that from your list. Get an antisiphon if you're using C02 -

If you play at that type of field, you may as well start learning how to do some paint throwage and get a decent hopper. If you don't, you'll be walking back to the dead zone a lot with your tail between your legs - :smirk:

07-31-2008, 04:23 AM
I have a pair of spring kits, I bought those before the gun even hit the chrono for the first time. So far my repair kit includes Springs, O-Rings, a Cup Seal (need to order some more), Ball Detent, Miscellaneous screws and nuts, squeegee, cleaning rags, safety pins, allen wrenches and a few other odds and ends...I hate getting somewhere to do something and having it not work out because I didn't have a crucial item...

Anything else my repair kit needs? I am going to slowly work on the "extra items" like a back-up marker, back-up mask/lenses, back-up tank, but for other necessity items can you guys think of anything else you have in your kits that I do not have in mine?

And it isn't so much as that is the play style of the field as it is the play style of that individual. The refs at OSG are pretty on top of stuff like that. After it happened I was approached by the head ref to make sure I was alright given the proximity and number of hits and then he moved on to tell the other guy he needed to tone it down a couple notches...Every now and then you get those kids who either put ALL their money into the marker since they have no bills or their parents buy them a super marker and they get something vastly overpowered for recball and that a good majority of the time they really don't understand how to apply it effectively...

Not to say I won't pick up the pace and need an electric hopper in the future, but for now I am just not fast enough. Plus I have only been playing just short of a year so I still have a little learning on a few aspects before I move up to the next level ;-)

07-31-2008, 10:30 AM
Your repair kit look good. The only things I would add are oil and maybe an other 45* elbow. It is always better to have less gun and more skill IMO. It only take one ball to take you out.

07-31-2008, 11:27 AM
Thanks for bringing that one up, I have some Wal-Mart Oil "Heat" something or other, but I keep meaning to pick up some Gold Cup or something...

And I agree with you 100% on more skill being better then less gun...

There is definitely a HUGE difference in play style between those of us who started using those cheap-o Wal-Mart pump guns out back in our own fields and the new generation that starts right out with a tri-Mode gun, electric hopper and response triggers...I would rather fire 3bps and get the tag then fire 30bps and hope I get something...

Thanks for the help thus far guys, I do appreciate it and I am not sure how I am coming across in my replies since I know the inflection and emphasis intended but it is not transferred real well sometimes over the internet ;-)