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The Pumper
07-28-2008, 09:35 AM
Well I just ordered a pump kit for my cocker..hmm which one?!?! :D

I just needed some help if buying the following is worth the $$ or not. I dont always like having a heavy [47/30] tank so maybe if i get the following, it'll lighten the load.

Alright, so I talk to Jeremy from Wevo and he gave me estimates on shipping with everything included.

I want a(n):
1. L stock
2. 3.5oz or cci 12g changer
3. 5 tubes/speed caps
shipping is different with the 3.5 and 12g changer

L stock/3.5oz and tubes for 66 shipped
L stock/12g changer/5 tubes for 60 shipped.

I know that it'd save $$ for paying the 6 extra bucks for a tank instead of buying 12gs over and over.

But I'd like opinions, mainly QAZ or Dan since they are common pumpers.
I'd like to hear anyone though.


07-28-2008, 10:23 AM
I don't like L stocks... I'm not sure why. I've been starting to dislike my T-stock in some situations as well, but most of the time I like it.

I would have bought more 10rd tubes. They only cost a quarter with the speedcap (i wouldn't get them without the caps) and they're easy to lose, easy to break and the caps get worn down fairly fast.

12g changer probably isn't appropriate for a cocker, you'll get very few shots with it. even a 3.5oz may be too small, I'd imagine you'd fill it at least twice for an average day.

The Pumper
07-28-2008, 10:27 AM
Well I'd be carrying only 100rds at any given time.
But thanks for the response.

slim and shady
07-28-2008, 10:51 AM
If it was me I would go with the 3.5 oz rather then the 12 grm. I think you would use to many and its another expense to add. I seen somone with a 3.5 the last time I was at the corse and I really liked it I think it made the setup.
The L stock is ok to I think does what it is ment to do I dont think they look as nice as a T stock but they are paractical and do there job, so to me I think the 66 would be worth it and I would go ahead and get it. I think 100 rnds is alot with a pump you should be happy with it if you gotta change a few things in the future you always can.
Hope that helps.

The Pumper
07-28-2008, 10:55 AM
Well I'd have a 50rd hopper plus 5 10rd tubes.
So thats 100. I guess I worded it wrong.
I probably wouldnt need more than 50 as it is..but its only 1.25 for 5 tubes with speed caps.

07-28-2008, 11:03 AM
You have a cocker, so I don't know if the advice I'm about to give is the best. In my experience, with pump cockers, I actually prefer a regular tank on it as it feels more like the semi shooters I use. In this case, if you don't like the weight, I'd go with a smaller Co2 or HPA tank - but nothing smaller as it just feels strange.

Now, since it appears you are going in the opposite direction, here goes:

I'm with these guys - I don't like the L stock at all - it feels strange and makes me shoulder the gun differently, I feel. Adjustable T stock all the way for me! (I have one for my phantom and I love it.) You can set it up to fit exactly where it's comfortable for you and tighten it down.

I have a 12 gram changer and a 3.5 oz tank. I prefer the 3.5 over the 12 gram any day - and I hardly use the 12 gram anymore. It's preference of course, but I like not having to count shots, and having enough air in my 3.5 for a whole day of shooting (mostly). Plus, I don't have to pick up empties afterwards! With the cocker, I would think the 3.5 would be a better choice for more shots and to even out the weight.

I have 25 tubes and speed caps - I can carry 20 in my shotgun belt at a time. I also carry a drop bag (old viewloader 2 - 100 round tube pack) that I drop my tubes in. I would recommend getting more as with the cocker, you're going to go through them like crazy!

Just my .01 cents (not .02 because I'm not QAZ or Dan. :p) By the way, I do play with the pump quite a bit...

The Pumper
07-28-2008, 11:22 AM
Thanks vike.
Psh you get .03 cents for that. ;)

08-14-2008, 08:13 AM
I break/lose so many 10rd tubes that it's worth it for me to buy like 40+ at at time. I prefer 12g. We bought a 40pack for practically dirt and get better prices since fields don't know how to charge for a 3.5oz, plus you feel like a bamf in the staging area when everyone looks up when you dump a 12g and clank it on the ground then replace it (and eventually pick up the spent one, of course). T-stock is adjustable which is why I like it. When my VSC gets in I'll probably play without one on hyperball fields, but with one on roomier airball fields.

11-26-2008, 08:15 PM
I agree, and can testify, that 12grams arent the best air source for a pump cocker. It would be a different story if you were using a stick feed (since you would be stopping to reload every few seconds anyway). Cockers just arn't that efficient with 12grams. You'll be much happier with a 3.5oz, or one of those 13/3000 HPA tanks.

Not to mention... field owners get PISSED if you accidentally leave empty 12grams behind. They can see pods and tubes and pick them up before they mow... but an empty twelvie can hide in the grass and really do some damage on a lawn mower.

Concerning the stock, no amount of advice can really prepare you as much as a personal test drive. Some players like them. Some don't. And some guns work better with stocks than others. I hated the stock on my Phantom, but I had a Lapco Stock/ASA combo on my sniper and I loved it. Best thing you can do is try it and see. If you dont like it, you can always sell it or trade some other fun pump parts later.

I also agree that you shouldn't waste time/money buying tubes and caps 5 at a time. They're usually cheaper in bulk, and trust me... you're going to need them! Tubes arent as durable as pods. They crack. They break. They wear out quickly under heavy use. They're also smaller and harder to find after games (especially in the woods). You may only need 5, but you'll need replacements soon and often. I could always find tubes in bulk on ebay, and I usually bought them in packs of 50 or 100. Of course I had a bunch of pump buddies who mooched off my stash...so you might want to start with 20. Far as I know though, wevo is the only one that carries black speedcaps. All the others Ive seen are orange or green.

Another word of advice on tubes... dye them some bright, funky color. You can get powdered RIT dye from most grocery stores. Mix it with HOT HOT HOT water and throw your tubes in. Let them soak for a few minutes and then dry before you use them. Dyed tubes are easier to find after games... and they're harder for other pump players to steal (especially if you dye them some crazy color... I suggest neon orange)

I'll try to find a pic of my old sniper with the stock, to give you an idea of what I was working with. Post some pics of your gun too, after you get your new toys.


11-26-2008, 08:18 PM
ps... I have to say, you're doing business with one of the best if you're buying from Wevo. I bought a ton of gear from him back when he first opened the website. Always had the best prices and great communication between order and shipment. I played with him too, at some SCP/FPC events down in Florida. Real standup guy. You won't be disappointed.