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07-21-2008, 05:05 PM
I have a Blue Spyder Electra ACS, with an Optional Virtue Board with eyes. If you buy both, I would be much happier. The body has eye holes and everything ready for the gun, but also I have the stock board. The rocking trigger is capable of 30 balls per second.
Here are some features:

* CAMD 3.0 (Color Access Mode Display)
* Firing modes includes Semi-Auto (30 bps), 3 Bursts, 6 Bursts, and Full Auto
* Rocking Trigger Frame V. 2.0 with Regulation Trigger Guard
* Sleek, Custom Milled Receiver
* Matte Fade Anodizing
* Delrin ACS (Anti-Chop System) Venturi Bolt
* Dual CO2 C/A Adapters (Angle C/A Adapter and Vertical Adapter)
* 12" Aero Twist Accuracy barrel
* Double Ball Detent
* Reactive Response Trigger, Up to 30 Shots per/sec (Semi Mode)
* Tournament Lock Switch
* Tournament Velocity Adjuster
* Anti-Double Feed
* Gas Thru Chamber with Fore Grip
* Adjustable Clamp Feed
* Drop Forward
* Low Pressure Chamber
* Bottom-Line Set-Up with Stainless Steel Hose
* Top Cocking Bolt
* Deluxe Quick Disconnect Pin
* Electronic Safety Mode
* Battery Indicator
* Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air
* Included with marker: Java 9.6 volt rechargeable battery (recharge up to 700 times), Battery charger and Spare parts

Get ready for Spyder Cup and buy this Electra! With a 20 oz. Co2 tank and stock board, $130, with the Virtue board $180.
Both Prices include the next posting.
Features I'm including:

1. Stock 2 piece barrel and Smart Parts Teardrop, chrome
2. 20 oz. Co2 tank
3. VL Revolution 12v with x-board
4. Full parts kit with case, for all your needs
5. charger with battery
6. Dye Sticky3 spyder grips

Overall a great price for a great deal, The gun itself was 300 when purchased.
Here is the breakdown of my expenses:
Spyder Electra=$300
Teardrop Barrel=$25
VL Revvy w/ xboard=$30
Parts kit=$20
Dye Stickies= $10
Virtue Board= $80
Overall almost $500 for $140 or $190, my loss your gain.

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07-22-2008, 03:41 PM
soon, just looking if you are ok with the price. Please PM after posting to everyone. I will have picts by Friday, hopefully.