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07-20-2008, 07:19 PM
First off, that was the most fun I have EVER had playing paintball. I am also so glad I got my knee pads (Redz makes incredible knee pads. They don't slip and they are comfortable as hell. I actually forgot I had them on) because the turf was on top of concrete.

It had rained prior to our playing and the turf was wet. Man that made for difficult sliding. I'm not use to sliding on wet turf... period. Or playing speedball outdoors. It was so much fun.

The two guys from Jersey we picked up to play with us were pretty good. They made the experience even more fun. I'll have pics up later from our photographer, but there is this one of me and Timm before the break, in the exact same position, looking the same way, that is quite possibly the sweetest picture I have EVER seen.

Sorry for babbling, I'm just so happy.

...the best part is, I'm this happy and we didn't even win!

We came in 5th place. We ALMOST made 4th points wise. It was a close battle. Had we come in fourth, we'd have gotten medals and a big trophy... but that's wishful thinking, considering this was the first major event any of us had EVER played in.

The vendors weren't half bad. KM was there... I picked up the strap I'd been wanting forever. I got to hold the M-tac and fell in love with it immediately. It is so incredibly comfortable and light. Timm and I both want one. There were some really nice people at the vendors at KM, btw. I was talking about how I really, really wanted that KM Tora Tora rising sun strap and the kid that was working there said, "You really want it huh?" and tossed it at me. I was really hesitant to just take it, even though I'm sure thats what he meant... so I paid... but to be offered something like that makes me happy.

Alien markers are also very interesting. We were discussing the design with the owner at his booth and the gun is actually pretty comfy.

The only thing I'm a little disappointed with is the gift package we were suppose to receive from the sponsors of the event for playing. They were suppose to give us some kind of gift package, as stated on the site, and we weren't given anything.

Other then that, the reffing was pretty damn good. The ref's were kick ass and really nice. Fun to talk to too. I honestly think the OSC Pump devision was the most chill game there. I was talking to one of the ref's and he said that they had never seen so many spectators for it. Which, though, sort of pissed me off. There was a cheering section for Baycity Pumpers... and it was very irritating to hear them boo me as I shot out their players and cheer when I got overshot (yeah... some **** on that team actually ran down and shot me 4 times in the ear, then once in the facemask and in the shoulder) but the ref pulled him for overshooting, so... I'm happy.

Sorry for babling on... I'm just really excited and happy.

TL:DR... If you're not interested in finding out how we did, don't bother reading. Otherwise, the NPPL was awesome.

The Pumper
07-20-2008, 07:24 PM
Nice Ted.
Glad you liked it!

07-20-2008, 07:30 PM
congrats ACE good job im really happy you guys went out and did so well. The best part of it is that you had fun and kept in mind that that is what playing paintball is all about. I can't wait for the pics Vongrats again buddy.

07-20-2008, 09:59 PM
Pics are up here! (http://www.spyder.tv/forums/showthread.php?p=210759#post210759)

07-21-2008, 04:04 AM
sounded fun

07-21-2008, 07:44 AM
Disregard the post I made in the pics thread, but a Link should be in order. I'll post it. Sounds awesome. Hopefully Taylor and I will have some kind of team to play on next year.

MR2 Woodsballer
07-21-2008, 01:38 PM
I can't explain how awsome it is to see such a good friend go from. Doubting your level of skill and ability when we came up. To playing in the NPPL and placing really high. Total E-high Five Ted!!!

07-22-2008, 07:45 PM
Well, due to interest in hearing a play-by-play of the event, I'm going to write about the two games I remember the most.

First one: (this was the last game, and is the freshest in my memory, so I'm going to write about it first)

The plan, as discussed before the break, was to have Timm go to the right snake, for me to go to the can behind him, Matt to go to the center right Aztec, Alan to go car wash snake left and for Andy (Jersey guy) to rush the flag off the break.

"3..2...1 10 seconds" then the game started. Timm was fast off the break and got to his bunker at the same time I did. I posted up on the right side after shooting off the break to cover him as he went in. They had one in the brick on their side, one at my mirror, and one rushing the flag (not sure of the others at that point).

Andy got shot out as the player from the opposing team got the flag first and eliminated him. The player came up on my left and was shot by 3 of our team, including me and was told to stand there with the flag in the air. He did so as I returned to post on my mirror and the brick player. I shot out my mirror on the top left side of the head. At this point, their brick player hadn't moved and Timm decided to cross up and run to the opposite side of the field, to the car wash snake. He ran across and got in that snake, eliminating the brick player.

After seeing this I was about to bump, when a player appeared at their car wash and bunkered Timm. He then retreated to the car wash and I saw my chance. At this point, I had no idea if he was the last player, but had a pretty good idea, considering I shot one out, Timm got one, the flag carrier was gone, and I could have sworn I heard Matt call someone out.

I was the last one left and I knew what I had to do. I moved to the center fang, watching the car wash and keeping my eyes open just in case. I got past the center fang and noticed 4 people in the dead box, I knew that this was my chance to win it, so I ran as hard as I could to the car wash from the right. I swept around and caught the last player off guard, shooting him in the upper thigh.

Time was running short so I booked it to the flag and hung the flag on the opposing start box. "Time" the ref yelled. Best way to end the event for me as Matt and Timm came up to congratulate me. Matt... hip-thrusted me from behind as Timm glomped me ahhaha.

Second game I can remember:

We were on the far side of the field for this game. Matt told Timm and I to go to the car wash snake, which was on the right, this time. Timm was to go to the car wash off the break and I was to cover him from the dorrito and bump as he bumped up. Alan was set to the left aztec, Matt was right aztec, and Matt (jersey guy) was left snake.

Off the break, once again, Timm and I reach our bunkers at the same time. From this position I don't see much accept for when I wrap, then out of the corner of my eye, I catch a barrel sticking out of the back right. I shout at the top of my lungs, "BACK RIGHT" and lob a ball over the car wash that is protecting the player. He then tucks in and I lose sight of him. A player then makes a break for the flag... this was a bad idea on his part, as I was posted on that area. He was an easy take down. The ref told him to hold the flag at his current position and he did as he was told.

Timm bumps up the car wash snake and shoots at the player he spots in the snake with him. He misses and the player shoots back at him. Timm dives, literally, over the paintball and into the snake. The player then gets up to run through him and Timm gets him as he goes through, but the player shoots him at the same time, and I make my move into the car wash. All I saw when I got to the car wash was Timm's feet and then the guy running through. I shot the guy as well, making sure he didn't succeed in making it down the field.

After Timm got out, I bumped up the snake, taking out another player at their aztec. I kept bumping, getting into their 40 snake. I popped up and spotted a player at the aztech in front of their left snake. I shot at him and then he tucked back into his bunker. I then moved further down the field, realizing that it was only Alan and I left. Alan bumped to our first brick (why, I don't know... there were no shots from there) and I bumped again, to their car wash.

I wrap around the car wash. THERE HE IS AGAIN! I fire once more, but the wind and rain at this point are picking up tremendously. My ball falls short and he dives into the snake. I knew this was my chance. I made my run for it, taking cover behind bunkers as I ran, then stopping at their right aztec to shoot at him again. I missed! I couldn't believe it and at this point, with Alan distracting him, I knew that my only hope was to bunker him, so I ran at him again.

I came around their can and he was looking for me this time, he shot at me, I dodged the ball and returned fire with two of my own, hitting him in the bottom left of the mask. Ken cheered as followed by some of the spectators. My heart pounded as Alan aimed at me, not realizing who I was for a second. I then waved and told him to come down field. I grabbed the flag and hung it. The ref checked me thoroughly, "Clean!"

That was that, another game won.

07-22-2008, 07:58 PM

We played on the JT field, but it's the same setup as the Spyder field, so I thought I'd show the layout to better help with the play-by-play described above.

When I say right aztec I mean the tall one in the center, same with the left. Snake aztec is the one in front of the snake, ect.

*NOTE* I screwed up on the colors for the eliminations. Opposing team eliminations are black, as where our team eliminations are red.


Yes I got bored. :dodgy: