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07-19-2008, 05:36 PM
Yup...My buns hurt so much...Has anyone ever gotten then honey buns 20bps'd? If so, share your story...Please. :p

07-19-2008, 06:08 PM
I haven't had it done to me, but I've done it to a couple others.

One time, back in my woods days, I belly crawled the entire length of the course (man, it was a LONG game, and I got luck slipping by a couple of them.) When I got behind everyone, I started crawling back up the field, my plan being I was going to take them out from behind. I was really patient back then - not like these days, and known for doing stunts like this (I was the "lone wolf" of our group, but it's more fun that way sometimes) so I knew they were looking for me. I managed to one ball a couple of them, and by then, the other team knew something was up and was getting nervous. But, they still didn't know where I was.

My last "victim" was ahead of me by about 10 yards, and as a stroke of luck, I had seen my own teammates about another 15 yards ahead - and it looked like they hadn't seen this guy. I had to do something, because he was just about to ambush about half my team...He had found a small gully that was covered in and surrounded by a lot of foliage. It was a perfect place to lay an ambush. Because of the gully he wouldn't get hit, but he had a perfect view of anyone who was about to cross in front of him. Back then, there was a lot of foliage around our woods and it was a blast to play. It looked something like this:


except a lot more covered and he was in a small gully. BTW - the guy in the picture is the guy I'm talking about, hehe!

So I figured I'd jump up and do a run through on this guy and hope to save my team the game. His team was about to find me anyways, and it was just a matter of time before I was shot out. Of course, I then had to make it to my side and hope I didn't get lit up by both sides, haha!

So, I jump up and do my run through - shooting him in the butt like 10 times with my Sonix on RT mode (just 5 trigger pulls on that mode :devil:) - apparantly, I got his exit hole or at least pretty close to it, and he was screaming bloody murder! He had dropped his gun, and was rolling around in that little gully.

I kept running, laughing my butt off and hoping not to get shot by both sides, and ran right past one of my teammates (Terry) who was on the backside of a small hill watching the whole thing laughing as well. So I crawled back up to him and while we were laying on the other side of this small bump in the terrain, this guy finally stood up, shouting about just being "raped from behind, literally."

Terry says, "Watch this!" He aims his A-5 (which we find out a couple weeks later was shooting about about 420 - no chrono outlaw ball for the loss - and remember we're only about 15-20 yards away) and shot this guy right in the butt again. Just once, but the kid went down again screaming again.

I was laughing so hard I was crying in my mask, which promptly started to fog up so I had to walk off the field. It didn't matter anyways, because apparently everyone had seen the commotion and watched what happened and couldn't play anymore from laughing so hard.

In church the next day, he couldn't sit right, but I didn't feel bad about it at all! You know, the cool thing was that after the initial pain, shock and anger, he was really cool about it and laughed as well. That's the difference between back then and now - I would have been hunted down and revenged on, for sure, had I done that these days!

Fun times!

07-19-2008, 07:12 PM
i was near the edge of a clearing full of mini houses. the tree i was behind was maybe half my size, and next thing i know, i'm getting shot at from two sides. so i'm getting hit in the front AND back at the same time, but our field paint is so cheap it barely breaks. needless to say i took off running!

07-24-2008, 10:19 AM
worst thing that happened to me was being the last one still in on my team with my autococker low on air and ammo and being out in the open surrounded by 5 guys and they all had cheap paint which doesnt break it bruises... im standing in the middle of 5 people everywhere i turn that i can run has someone there... so after bout 10 seconds of this...probably less (which felt like 10 minutes) i decide to rush the weakest... sadly i didnt get him out... after it was over we counted 38 bruises but only two broke... crazy huh.. if i find the pics of my bruises ill post them..

all of the good things happened with my spyder... i guess when you have a better gun you get a little to cocky haha..