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07-12-2008, 09:05 PM
So I recently purchased an Xbox live arcade game that was receiving some high reviews, "Schizoid". The basic style of the game is similar to that of Geometry Wars (a must have btw) where you're a ship and other things chase you around. It's like a pacman predecessor, or the likes. But Schizoid has one amazingly simple difference that MAKES it an awesome game. Schizoid is a coop game. You assume one of two ships, a red ship or a blue ship, and you're tasked with removing all red and blue bad guys from the playing area. The Blue ship only kills blue enemies, red only kills red enemies, and vice versa for the enemies. It's a really simple concept that makes the game surprisingly interesting and difficult. There are no guns, you just ram enemies the good old fashioned way. But each enemy is different, so tactics are important or else your buddy could end up SOL.

As you start off, for about 15 levels, you're introduced to the mechanics of the game with fairly simple levels, certain enemies do this, certain powerups do that, but then my friend and I hit an impossibly difficult wall at around level 45, where we ended up planning each level in an attempt to lose as few lives as possible. I have to say, it's got some of the best playability of any arcade game I've played, and it's not impossible like Geometry wars, but a huge mental and collaborative obstacle. With 119 unique levels and a random level generator for the "infinity mode" The game clearly has tons of variation, not to mention the game modes.

I mostly played on xbox live with a pal, but you can play local coop or even with a computer, but I wouldn't count on getting far with the computer, it's pretty bad, mainly just a good place to figure out the game.
For you crazy people, there is a mode called "Uberschizoid" where each joy stick controls one of the ships. It's nearly impossible. I beat about 17 levels like that, playing each level until I got a gold medal (lost no lives) so that the next time through I could skip it and have all 10 medals for the next level. I ended up with 3 gold medals and about 7 silvers, as its quite the mental challenge making two ships move and avoid obstacles while discerning between obstacle and target.

I give the game an 8/10 and would say it's definitely worth every penny of the $10 it costs, if you and a buddy are looking for a challenge, GET IT. Hit me up on xbox live if you want to play.

07-12-2008, 09:41 PM
NICE REVIEW DUDE!!! for 10 bucks, i'll sure as hell pic it up!