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02-28-2006, 05:27 PM
we talk about books. yay!! so whats everyones favorite book/novel? i read the great gatsby in english and fell in love. it was an amazing book with a captivating storyline. the author really knows how to for characters and use symbolism. i really connected with the characters and put myself into their shoes. omgs. i cant find words to express my love for this book.

02-28-2006, 05:28 PM
rainbow six: tom clancy
the halo series

yes, i would read books about video games...

02-28-2006, 05:42 PM
good job talking about them claus...how were they, what did you like about them? i tried reading a tom clancy novel once, butcouldnt really get into it.

02-28-2006, 05:44 PM
rainbow was awesome, there was this one part where all they said was the f bomb for like 2 pages... i wont give away why, but it was really good. halo was a good series too. every once and awhile both rainbow and halo would catch you out of action, but theyd bring it back. rainbow is alot more fast paced then, say red october or other tom clancys. a friend told me splinter cell was a good one too.

02-28-2006, 05:46 PM
that sounds invigerating... the f-bomb for 2 whole pages?

02-28-2006, 05:52 PM
Rainbow 6 fo' sho', I read a 900 page book in under a month.....Normally I don't read. There are some parts where I got bored while there was no action, but for the most part was very into it

02-28-2006, 06:03 PM
There are Rainbow 6 books? the only Tom Clancy books i see in my school library are like Clear and Present Danger..

i got all 3 books for the Halo Series... but i've never gotten around reading them. are they ready that good? The books i'm reading now are The Left Behind Series... i cannot explain why i'm so hooked onto these books...but i find them interesting. they are all books about the Rapture and Revelations. I must be reading a book each week now, and now i'm starting book 7.

02-28-2006, 06:05 PM
i like the alex rider series. clus you would probly like them since your into tom clancy and halo. im not going to give away any of the story line or anything but there really great books. the first ones called stormbreaker. o and the auther is anthony horowitz ( not sure on the spelling, and i dont feel like looking, lol)i also just started reading this spy high series by A.J. Butcher. im on the 3rd book and i think theirs like 7. their pretty good.

02-28-2006, 06:25 PM
Alright I really don't even like Star Trek but I've read two book's on it lately. One was Star Trek/X-men(yes that's right) where the X-men all of a sudden appear on a space station and yadda yadda storyline yadda yadda it was actually really good as I've read it twice. I got a chuckle out of the part's where Wolverine and Worf into the holodeck and battle some of Worf's enemies then Wolverine alter's the program and all of a sudden Worf has to fight Sabretooth, Juggernaut etc. etc. It was a really good science fiction book with a tricky ending!

Next one which is probably my favorite science fiction book that goes along with Star Trek is one called I,Q! Basically the storyline involves Q who appeared in various Star Trek show's. I got so into this book that I literally could here the actor voice of Q in my head as the writing was just like they way he would talk. I really like this book!

Right now I have a book based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer AND Angel series. I haven't got too far into it yet but I'm not liking it so far hopefully it get's better.


02-28-2006, 06:25 PM
If you ever have the patience, read "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand. It is a very long book but the storyline and the characters are well introduced. It is basically about a young architect on the verge of a whole new style, he is going against everything that everyone else says and he finds himself in doing so. Excellent book well written.

Another is "Siddhartha" by Hesse (a lot of you may have read it in English). It is about a young man and his search for himself. Another excellent book for teens.

"Night" by Elie Wiesel, recently named one of Oprah's book club choices. Excellent book regarding the holocaust and a young boys struggle with faith and religion during a very trying time.

But my favorite book of all time would have to be "The Stranger" by Albert Camus, it is a very different book about a very indifferent man. I don't really know why I enjoyed it so much but something about that book just touched me.

As one could tell I prefer to read classics, I enjoy stories about people finding their place in life because at one point that was me. I also enjoy reading historical non fiction such as "Night" I have read "Mein Kampf", I have read many books of the sort, if you would like to discuss any of these books I would be more than happy to do so, either here or on AIM (theredbarron006).

02-28-2006, 09:46 PM
The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis.
Absolutely my favorite book. It's written from a Demon's point of view.
It really changed the way I look at things....quite a read. It can get tedious towards the end, but overall one of the best books out there.

"Mere Christianity" is also quite good. It's by the same author.

Also, I've read the Lord of the Rings quite a few too many times....

And Sluggy Freelance....its a webcomic, but it's been compiled in book format, so it counts right? I really do love this comic....alot.

Oh yeah, the Bible, quite contrary to popular opinion can be a good read. If you want it to be....

03-01-2006, 12:32 AM
Rainbow 6 rocked! that and Blackhawk Down are on my top 5 list! it was a change from the normal Clancy books because it never mentioned Jack Ryan. i havent read any Splinter Cell and only one Netforce, but all the Jack Ryan books are awesome. Tom Clancy is one of my favorite authors. Clive Cussler is awesome too. If you've seen Sahara or Raise the Titanic, well, his books are better than the movies...

03-01-2006, 02:40 AM
boure identity books were supposed to be good. but whoever said they had the halo books, read them, if youve played the game its really interesting to see what you missed because they made it so subtle in the game.

03-01-2006, 03:48 AM
Tom Clancy- Withour Remorse

Kurt Vonnegut - Sluaghterhouse-Five

George Orwell - 1984

Erik Larson- The Devil in the White City

J.R.R. Tolkien- The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings

Robert Ludlum- Bourne Identity, Supremecy, Ultimatium

Harry Turtledove- Guns of the South, World War Series.

Thats my short list.

03-01-2006, 11:49 AM
Any alternate history by Harry Turtledove is good. have you read the one where Hitler ends up winning WWII and thought all the Jews were killed off? i cant remember the title right now...

03-01-2006, 12:16 PM
that turtledove book sounds interesting. what other scenarios does he do?

03-01-2006, 12:32 PM
some book on WWII: Aliens invade. Hitler sides with the Big 3.
Guns of the South: Feds win the Civil War.

and he also writes Young Conan books and this one series where its hi-tech civilization w/ dragons. havent read those yet, but sound interesting.

anyone read Dragon's Bane? my dad has a tatoo of the dragon on the cover of the book on his back.

03-01-2006, 01:43 PM
Where to start?

Dan Brown right now (Angels and Demons - not too bad, actually!)

Stephen King (Anything but the Dark Tower stuff - not a big fan of that series.)

Michael Crichton - mostly his older stuff.

I'm a big SciFi fan, though.

Isaac Asimov (Some, not all) Ray Bradbury - I love this stuff! Poul Anderson, I like the Star Trek stuff as well. Robert Heinlein, etc. I really like the collections the best though. The "Best of the Year" type stuff.

All I can think of right now.

03-01-2006, 02:27 PM
Has anyone read Beloved by Toni Morrison?

One of the deepest, best written novels I have ever read. I didn't really like it at first, but it does get better as you start understanding more of the story. Really tough read though. My College English teacher was saying it can take 3-5 times before you fully understand it. Takes awhile to read, but it was well worth it.

03-02-2006, 03:36 AM
Good Sruff Vike.

Both Dan Brown books are good i.e. Angels and Demons, The DaVinci Code.

Michael Crichton- Prey, Airplane, ect.

Also good.


Freakanomics - Steven D. Levitt

03-02-2006, 05:48 AM
yeah, the Dan Brown stuff is really good. makes you wonder how much is made up and how much is researched facts. have you read the Illustrated Man by Bradbury? its a collection of short stories about the end of the world tied into one big story.