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07-06-2008, 11:20 PM
Okay, so I just had a thought, feel free to disagree with it, or whatever, anyways, with the price of gas now adays, painball is sorta taking a back burner to other things due to the price, both of playing, and getting there, and on these boards alone, many people are on leaves of absences from paintballing, so here is my suggestion.

Add on a Non-Paintball OTM catagory, with the only rules that it must be something that you made or upgraded, etc. This way, members can showcase some of their creations, and possibly get more exposure of any goods that they may produce. I know there is alot of people here that have great talent when it comes to things like this, such as the guitar that was shown not to long ago (I forget who made it, but it was really nice).

Just kinda my list of ideas that be included:

Cars (not stock, but perhaps an offroad rig)
Abstract things
... theres billions of other things as well, that i'm to lazy to think of right now cause I can count the hours ive slept in the last 3 days on one hand.

07-07-2008, 12:34 AM
Agreed, that would be cool. The problem is, to have each thing compete, they'd have to have their own catagory. Otherwise it isn't fair. You can't pit a drawing up against a finely tuned car... You'll get the car lovers voting for the car and the artists voting for the drawing and no one will be voting purely because of the talent that went into forming the piece.

Great idea... but it'd put more pressure on Dan. *sigh*

07-07-2008, 10:11 PM
Well yeah, but in paintball otm's you'll still get like cocker fans voting for cockers over say an ion even if the ion is nicer. I mean granted paintball guns are the same thing, however they both still have their fanboy's, and then there will be the majority of people that actually vote for what they like the best, not what kind of thing they like more. (although, granted there are people that may not fully appreciate something, say a jeep that has $40k in mods to it may just look like another car to some people, but then again there are going to be people that are the opposite, and everything will even out.)