View Full Version : WTB: Vents or Empire mask

deano 177
06-19-2008, 08:35 AM
I am looking to buy a vents avatar or empire event masks. I don't need the lenses or much else. I would like to get them in either red or blue but anything will do. If you got a old junky pair that needs some love then let me take them off your hands.

deano 177
06-23-2008, 11:33 AM

spray and pray
06-23-2008, 12:07 PM
Check my bst thread a post or two below yours.

It might be above your price range but it's in perfect condition.

06-23-2008, 12:57 PM
i have a white/black e vents for sale - askin 50 plus shipping

deano 177
06-23-2008, 06:18 PM
Thanks guys. I got a couple on ebay goin' right now. I'll holla at yous guys if they fall through.