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02-25-2006, 03:17 PM
Ok, I just spent about 2 hours updating our team website and thought it'd be cool if we had a thread dedicated to the people that play and have their own websites...I think we had a thread like this on the old forum that was pretty good. If many people do this, I might see what I can do to get this stickied so everyone can post as they update or get new sites....

Now, I'm not saying it has to be paintball related websites. I think any website would be good so long as it's about you...

Here's mine! Enjoy it, I spent a lot of time on it!

Catalyst (http://www.geocities.com/the_ko_boys/index.html?1121128470515)

02-25-2006, 04:32 PM
Nice, Your names bryce? lol might wanna include a button that puts you back to first page though. Just a surgestion.

02-25-2006, 04:48 PM
mine team's is in my sig. i have to update it though.

02-25-2006, 05:40 PM
Actually, my name is Bryce - much cooler name! I tought about that, but maybe someday....

02-25-2006, 05:54 PM
Thats what i put:dodgy:

02-25-2006, 06:01 PM
well, the team isnt really together anymore, and the website was out of date even when it was still together, but i still made the site :D

Team Chokepoint (http://www.chokepoint.red-letter.net)

02-25-2006, 09:37 PM
Well mines nothing special but it's in the making still.


02-26-2006, 04:09 AM
DFSniper: Gun for Hire (http://dfsniper.tripod.com)

probably gonna update it soon.