View Full Version : 06' Electra w/ Eyes, lots of upgrades!

05-28-2008, 01:07 PM
Ok up for sale today is my uber upped spyder. It is an '06 Electra w/ Eyes.The following are the upgrades:
Redz Peppersticks 14" Two-piece
CCM No Rise Feedneck
Shocktech Low Pressure Chamber
Trinity Front Block and Gauge
NewDesignz HE Valve and Valve stem
Shocktech Spring Kit
I modded the striker to make it a good bit lighter
Replaced the Velocity screw with a knob
Shocktech Regulator
Dead On Drop Forward and ON/OFF ASA

It shoots 285 fps at 205psi. I have cleaned and lubed it after every use. It does have a few nicks here and there, but the only major scratching is on the reg. This is from the reg being sealed incredibly tightly. This has been fixed now, it will come apart.

What I include:
The electra with above mentioned upgrades
Original Box and manual
Price is $200 obo. Hit me up on PBR (GrimAssasin) or email me at guerillaskater546@hotmail.com. Also, if you want to know anything, ask.

other trades are possible



05-28-2008, 07:05 PM
ill trade you for my electra