View Full Version : Need help with my Tadao board (and M7 chip)

05-23-2008, 08:16 PM
OK, I got my board in today and as I'm reading all the different modes I'm getting really confused. The instructions doesn't explain what each setting is/does. It only tells you how to make the adjustments.

First let me say that I don't really play competitions. I just mess around in the woods with friends. So I'm not worried about what is "legal" in a game.

Can some please explain what is the difference with each of these settings.

PSP Ramp
Millennium Ramp

Also there is another setting for "Trigger Debounce".
The settings are:

1 ms, cpf 1, amb 1
5 ms, cpf 5, amb 2
10 ms, cpf 5, amb 3
15 ms, cpf 5, amb 4
20 ms, cpf 5, amb 5

ms - milliseconds
cpf - cycle percentage filter
amb - anti-mechanical bounce

What hell is this for? LOL ... What is the best setting?

M7 Chip - What exactly will this do for me? I got the chip but I haven't put it in yet. Do I need to set everything up with the stock chip then put the M7 chip in?

Any help would be great!