View Full Version : '07 sonix/first impressions

05-22-2008, 07:44 PM
'07 sonix came form action village today (finally, that free shipping kinda sucks, spend 5 bucks and up to fedex ground), also inclosed in the package were a pmi 12oz co2 bottle, barrel sock, and vl200 hopper. The fit and finish overall of the marker is very nice, the matte annio job also seems to be very tuff (matte titanium ftw) the back screw on the frame was loose but no biggie. The VL200 hopper will slip over the feed need of the sonix making the clear "elbo" thingy or a clamping feed neck a none issue if you have a spare hose clamp around. Another nice feature is a "bleed hole" in the bottom asa which automaticlly degasses the marker when you unscrew the bottle. But now to the funpart, shooting it. I had some "visable impact" paint I bought at wally-world 10bucks for 500, my target was a 4'x4' piece of plywood leaned against a tree, and I used the 12oz co2 bottle. The performance of the marker was exellent, i TRYED to freeze this thing, and couldnt. I shot 50-60 balls as fast as gravity and my fingers would allow 3 times, all kinds of snow was blowing out the muzzle but the sonix kept ticking. Then the grand test, 200 rounds as fast as I could, flawess, no chops, no dry fires save the ones you get when the hopper gets really low. the sonix was frozen, and ready for more. Accuracy was good for a stock spyder barrel and cheap paint. The visable impact brand seems to be a good match for spyder barrels. After all this I dumped the co2 and it took like 20 seconds to fully drain all the gas, I probibly could have gone another 200balls on the fill. I am very pleased with this 60 doller marker. The only changes I have planned thus far are a new barrel, a reg (either a palmers or WGP), anti sipon tube, and a gauge on the forward adapter. I highly recommend the '07 sonix to anyone looking for a first, spare, recball/woodsball marker.

12-21-2008, 05:01 AM
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