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05-12-2008, 08:02 AM
Ok everyone I'm havin' some problems with my truck and I have too much extra stuff in my gear bag. So here my stuff is for sale. Don't think you can low-ball me because I've got things I need to resolve. I know what this stuff is worth and will not be taken advantage of.

So lets get my rules out there

I do not ship first!
Don't lowball me unless you really want to give me a free up.
If you don't like my price, or my thread Get out.
I prefer paypal if you are purchasing. If we trade I require insurance and tracking numbers on both sides of shipping as well as I expect items to be shipped either USPS Priority, you sending me "your" marker and me sending you "my" marker
Be mature and respectful
if you want to buy or trade for my stuff have either $$ or the item you want to trade in hand before making me an offer.
Post here and PM me. That way I have a flag saying "hey someone is interested" in my PM's and I have a more permanent record of it here.
buyer pays exact shipping and fees unless otherwise negotiated.
If you aren't planning on going through with a deal after agreeing to a deal, please don't PM me.

Ok the gear....

Regulators (tank and marker):

Red CP regulator Long with Macro Fitting - $50 shipped
Random regulator - not sure of brand or if it works $30 shipped/obo


Stock Spyder Pilot barrel (red/black fade) *like new, no box* ($10 +shipping)
Spyder Threaded PMI Razor (silver/blue fade) *like new, no box* ($15 + shipping)
UL Barrel Front (I believe its a 12") Black ($20 + shipping)
Empire Barrel Kit (Tippmann A5 Threaded) - $60 + shipping (firm) 3 backs 2 fronts and a case.



Duckbill (black, decent condition. does work no air line fitting) *shows wear, but works perfect* ($10 shipped) (pictured above)
Blue Spyder ASA - $5 + shipping
Green Spyder ASA - $5 + shipping

Misc Marker Parts

Stock spyder feedneck in blue $5 +shipping
Timmy Ram *excellent condition* $10 shipped
Spyder Drop forwards (1 silver, 1 blue) *both are in excellent condition* (make offer)
Dye/PMR UL Grips Grey Mint condition. I just took these off my brand new UL and replaced them with a different color, they have never been used. $10 shipped

Soft Goods, pants/Jerseys/Bags/Hauling Gear

2007 Redz Pants - LNIB test fitted, never used on field. Blue in color - $55 shipped
2006 Redz Jersey - Good condition no rips or tears- $25 shipped
will get pics tonight
2007 Redz bag. Great condition, minor wear from use. $80/obo (buyer to cover shipping) bag is blue in color, can get pics if needed. Some wear near wheels from being taken to the field
Dye Hat - $15 + shipping. L/XL (Prefer to trade for a blue Planet Eclipse Hat, or a cool Sandana (prefer blue flying skulls)

I can make a package deal for almost anything. You'll save buying items in groups, but be reasonable.

Mostly looking for $$$$, but what I want for trades.

Items I want (If you are looking to trade, feel free to offer other items, but this is what I'm looking for.

stiffi front for freak barrel
Dye autococker beaver tail
Evil Super tail (autococker, black or blue only)
Cocker threaded freak back (blue or stainless steel only)
Cocker threaded ramrod barrel
Grillz (White or blue only)
06 Ego/Etek CCU kit (polished blue, nexus style only)
Eclipse or Redz backpack


I may periodically add items to this sale or remove them, so check back often and lets get some $$$ offers.

05-30-2008, 08:45 AM