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05-07-2008, 10:00 AM
Well I am a New member to the forum. I have been out about 3-4 times. I have a MR2 W/eyes, Apache Loader, Smart Parts 16" Linear Barrel, and a 68ci 4.5k tank. The First time I went out, I had an E MR1. It was chopping every 10 balls. I got pissed and sold it. I bought the MR2 w/eyes thinking it would help the problem. It did. Now i only chop about every 15-20!:flame: I was wondering if there was something that I am missing! Everytime I have been out I have been using Marballizer. I contacted Spyder and they stated that the paint is made for low pressure guns between 75-200 psi. They suggested to use DXS or Diablo. I am not to sure about using that paint. Some of my guys used the Heat and it was going everywhere, the shell looked a bit uneven. And I have used the Blaze in my MR1 and it was chopping like no other. Is there any suggestions that you guys might have? Please let me know, anything is helpful. By any chance does some one know the bore size if the Linear 16" ? Thanks for the help in advance!!!!!:D

05-07-2008, 10:19 AM
Hmmm, all I can think of is blowback. If one of your buddies has a force-feed loader, try it and see if it doesn't fix the problem.

Or a new bolt with an o-ring or two might be a cheaper solution. Does the MR2 with eyes have a delrin bolt with o-rings? If not, look at alamo city paintball for a new bolt with o-rings.

05-07-2008, 10:32 AM
Psh, low pressure gun usage my ass! Marbs are just fine so long as your velocity is set right (about 275fps-ish). Above that is the ONLY time I've EVER had problems shooting Marbs in a Spyder.

To fix your problem, try to see if the eyes are clean, the eye wires are not smashed/smooshed in any places, the board has the eye wires properly connected, the eyes are "on," and that the barrel is fully connected and threaded into the marker.

The Linear should be about a .691 bore, if memory serves me right.

Also, welcome to the forums!

05-07-2008, 10:39 AM
Thanks guys, I found a bolt at alamo city. Its like $30. The stock bolt does not have o-rings. If this bolt is used, will i still need a forced feed loader??? I have checked the eyes, they are in line. I have cleaned them after all the chopping. They eyes work, it wont fire if there is something breaking the beam. Thanks for the help guys... any other suggestions are welcome!!!

05-07-2008, 11:27 AM
Well, I'd get a faster hopper (which means force-fed) just on the sheer principle that it is an electronic marker. A HaloB/ReloaderB isn't that noisy. An ACP bolt like you're describing is a good investment, but not as solid as a good hopper.