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04-29-2008, 11:06 AM
first off sorry for the redundancy if this has been asked a while back, but I couldn't find the thread........

So I'm seriously thinkin of gettin one of these, I currently have an Halo B, and an EGG3, and I'm tired of gettin capped (shot at) on the hopper.
So questions are:
Are these easy to install (I noticed tons of diff mounting styles)?
Do I have to have lots of qloader pods preloaded?
Do I have to stock up on lots of pods?
Are the pods easy to load?
What are cons of having a Qloader?
Are they easy to maintain/clean?

Thanks for your time guys, and I appreciate all the feedback

04-29-2008, 01:35 PM
Mine was relatively easy to install I attatched it to the underside of the barrel. The package I bought came with two pods but if you are in a long game you are going to want more because each pod only holds 100 rounds. I personally do not think the pods are easy to load, they can be a pain, but there are many people who would disagree. That is just my personal experience. They are very picky and if you leave a gap between balls it will break paint. The silo that comes stock with the q-loader to load the balls is ineffective, some people use an agitated hopper instead of the loading system that comes stock. The bad part to having a q-loader is that it is sometimes inconvenient to change pods in the middle of a game and since they hold less than a conventional hopper you will probably be changing pods frequently. But, on the other hand, your gun will become more low-profile and it has no batteries to change. I personally think they are easy to clean, just pop the cap off the pod, take the internals out and clean. Overall, I think that the Q-Loader is an excellent product, you will just have to be more carefull because like I said it can be picky. Thats my 2 cents, hope that helps.

04-29-2008, 03:07 PM
thanks alot spyderguy, that def helps alot, thanks again for the info and with personal experience is almost the best info

04-29-2008, 07:52 PM
Do I have to have lots of qloader pods preloaded? - I reload mine between games, when I use my qloader (woodsball only, usually), and I usually only carry 2 with me, unless it's a long game. Some people i know/heard of like to have lots pre-loaded before they start playing.
Do I have to stock up on lots of pods? - I honestly get by on two, it depends on how many balls you plan on shooting per game, and if you have the time to reload between games.
Are the pods easy to load? - I use a Ricochet Apache to reload my pods and it probably takes 10 seconds max. As said above, watch for gaps in the pod because a) they're prone to break with gaps, and b) you'll have even less than 100 balls to shoot if you have gaps.
What are cons of having a Qloader? - I just played with mine this weekend, and the very first pod I loaded in, as soon as I released the tension, I had a ball break about midway in the pod. that pod was quickly unloaded and tossed into my bag. 1 down. this happened throughout the day, and I didn't bother cleaning them, ended up using my apache and then a fasta later in the day. So, if you have a ball break in a pod, consider it useless unless you happen to have a sink with warm water and towels close by, and time to clean. I don't find many other cons, except you need patience and understanding a time to get it all set up and working properly.
Are they easy to maintain/clean? - Yes, very. all the parts are water safe. The only tools you need are your hands, everything comes apart without needing screwdrivers and allen keys and what not. Take it apart, throw it in the sink or maybe a dishwasher (I think the manual says dishwasher safe????) and they're spic and span.

Thats my experience.

04-29-2008, 09:39 PM
right on kingtut, very informative, i appreciate the 411 bruh

05-01-2008, 05:03 AM
here's a question to go along with the one that was asked. much like spyderguy did im wanting to mount mine running underneath the barrel for the low profile and i think it looks really nice. to do that am i going to need the sp8 mod and if i buy the sp8 mod how much custom work am i going to have to put in to get the qloaded pods mounted parallel to the barrel.

slim and shady
05-01-2008, 07:08 AM
Not much you just have to make your own mounting bracket. I used universal mounting metal strips. then make a wedge that is larger at the top so it pushes the loader leavel. thats if you are mounting to the forgrip. Or you could make something that drops down from where the front screw is on the forgrip and mount to that and you wouldnt have to worry about a wedge.