View Full Version : semi upped ion with gear and extra parts FS cheap...needs to go tonight

04-28-2008, 04:01 PM
ok i need so cash for my car so i decided to sell my back up marker, parts, and some gear to get money

PICTURES...(SORRY! For Poor Quality...Only Have My Phone Cam)
better pictures can be requested

Picture 1 contains
-every thing that is for sale

Picture 2 contains
-like new smart parts ion w/ red body kit

up on the ion are
-q lock feedneck
-brand new shocktech drop forward
-brand new empire asa
-smart parts tear drop barrel

other stuff in picture
-VL revolution w/ x board
-extra stock trigger w/ pin (below the gun)
-Stock Barrel
-Barrel Condom

Picture 3 contains
-extra stock reg
-extra reg sleeve
-extra set of grips
-pair of maxed grips
-stock dovetail
-random drop
-2 stock bodies

Picture 4 contains
-BNIB V-balls--3 boxes total of 300

Picture 5 contains
-mad dog pack 6+tank spot (pods can be included for extra cost)
*note* the red barrel in the picture is the barrel to my other gun~WHICH IS NOT FOR SALE

Picture 6 contains
-Original Box of stock parts for tech-ing (allen keys and wrench)
-BNIB a physo ballistics barrel cleaner
-bottle of smart parts sleek lube[/color]

wanna sell this whole package for 275 pp'd and shipped...obo! --->note the obo<---

***also can include a brand new deadly wind barrel w/ 3 freak inserts for extra cost ~it hasn't been used basically brand new still no field use...so full price will be added if u want it. so if u wanted it the price would be 350 pp and shipped

~~shipping is included in the price and will come with a tracking number

i am paypal verified...so paypal only!!!

absolutely no trades what so ever! and absolutely no parting unless the price is right.

to contact me
-pms are good too

1) u send money then i ship, that simple
2) be mature
3) read rule 1 again
4) if u are a serious buyers a contact name and number is required
5) no parting every goes as one, unless the $ is right
6) post then pm or aim
7) i need the cash soon so post with money in hand, and ready to seal a deal within 24 hrs.
8) happy posting

04-28-2008, 04:07 PM
your pictures arent working

04-28-2008, 04:34 PM
pics are fixed