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04-14-2008, 08:54 PM
hey guys, do i have 2 change the stock front block to put in this reg?


i hope the link is right cuz im writing this from my ps3 :o

The Pumper
04-14-2008, 08:56 PM
yes you do
the stock one isnt threaded for regulators. I'd suggest a trinity...then whichever angle you like. i prefer the reverse like karni...;)

04-14-2008, 09:02 PM
Fudge... i was planning on spending less but w/e i guess a new mask will have 2 wait since i gotta buy a front block first

The Pumper
04-14-2008, 09:03 PM
also probably a new valve since the reg doesnt go up to 800psi

04-14-2008, 09:10 PM
dam...for that much money id rather buy the new pilot thats coming out:D

on the website, it says "output range: 100 to 800" so do i still need to change the valve:confused:

04-14-2008, 09:12 PM
That's false... Stock Spyders work just fine off of 600psi or so. It also cuts off the "chattering" issues that stock Spyders have.

EDIT: The CP's don't fare too well with CO2, either. HPA only.

The Pumper
04-14-2008, 09:13 PM
im not an expert with the cp reg
so im not sure, wait for someone else to come and correct me if im wrong. I've never really seen it on a blowback unless the internals were changed.

04-15-2008, 12:38 PM
ya i saw somewhere thats its not co2 friendly but thats fine cuz i got a hpa tank. i dont think ill buy it soon... ill have to decide wether to buy a new gun or keeping upgrading this 1 and besides i dont have enough to buy everything right now so ill wait till my birthday comes around and get lots of money. :D

thnxs for everything!

ps: this might be a bit off topic (i didnt want to open a whole thread for this)... but i bought a microswitch from radioshack today and i dont know if its a 50g switch, how can i tell?

05-21-2008, 07:57 AM
dude u can get on the internet from ur ps3!!!I want one now!

05-21-2008, 05:43 PM

05-21-2008, 05:46 PM
its probably not a 50g switch. stock is like 250g, so you'll have to mod it.

05-21-2008, 06:53 PM
dude u can get on the internet from ur ps3!!!I want one now!

LOL I'm typing this message from my itouch......

05-21-2008, 07:32 PM
dude u can get on the internet from ur ps3!!!I want one now!

You can get on it from a Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360... :dodgy:

I can get on it from my Nintendo DS... not that special.

Don't Evil Detonators work ok with CO2? But that doesn't matter because you have HPA... never mind.

Personally, I'd get an un-angled VA/block. Just waiting for the new Pilot or Electra would be the best bet.