View Full Version : new gun, no problems

04-01-2008, 06:26 AM
I just wanted to post that I have purchased a mr2 without eyes and after taking the precautions you guys recommended I have had 0 problems. My hopper is just a crappy electric viewloader that feeds 18 bps. I replaced the detents and broke in the bolt. I am running hpa with a 48/3000 bottle.

I went paintballing yesterday for the first time with the new setup and after 7 rounds and 2500 paintballs, I only had 1 break. It was a feedneck break because I was laying down and had the gun sideways and gravity was working against me. I will say that when that happens you are screwed. Gun couldnt hit anything from 20 feet away. Other than that I had 0 breaks. Not in the barrel or anywhere else. People were scared when I put it on full auto. I kept getting questions about what I was using. I would like a bit more accuracy from 75+ feet, other than that I would change nothing except cosmetics. Thanks for all your help.

04-01-2008, 09:46 AM
No problem, glad you had fun and are having minimal problems with the gun! :) For barrel breaks, I carry a squeegee onto the field with me. Just the fuzzy kind you shove down the barrel, twist a little, and yank back out. Works fine for short term fixing, and I clean out the barrel properly with a pull through after the game. ;)