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03-29-2008, 04:25 PM
First off, I would like to say hello to the site, I just got signed up the other day so im new. I know there is a lot of people on here that are doing lp set up's so I wanted to ask a cupple of questions about mine.

I have an 05 Pilot ACS
Trinity Cut off
Micro line
Dye hyper 3 Regulator
Trinity block with gauge
Spyder lp chamber
shocktec spring and shim kits
viewloader ele. hopper

that is the main stuff

ps. I am using co2 ( for now )

I have already read http://www.ottersccustoms.com/spyder.html
Lp over and over and I have a good understanding of how lp works.

I also got the 32 degrees valve but when installed it leaks back out the barrell even with new gaskets. so I put the stock valve back in, after putting all the new parts on the gun, I put the stock spring and shim in(PS. I do not have the spring for in front of the valve), When I put the tank on it only showed like 200 psi tryed to adjust reg. it was all the way open. The other way just cut it off. That was the first red flag. I went and got the tank filled b/c i was not sure of how full it was. The gauge was showing bout 250. shot a cupple of times adjusted lower till burpping started. Then put in the stiffer spring just for kicks and tryed it no burping shot a cupple of paintballs ok not very powerful, Very happy with the low sound and no kick. I did this so on and son on, so final combo was red spring with green or blue shim. Have know Idea waht the feet per sec. was just knew it would hit the tree I was shooting and with a pritty tight pattern about 200 feet away. More shim more curve to the paint. Keep in mind Temp was about 70s, Tank run low went back today to top off keep in mind today was 50s shoot about 100 balls also thumb skrew for the gun is still at half way point. after about 50 more balls started burpping again so switched out shims that seemed to fix it yesterday, still doing it after switch. I looked at the gauge bout 200 psi with full tank. regulator was all the way out. second red flag. So called a buddy who owns a paintball shop asked if compressed air was a higher pressure (knowing it was just wondering if it made a difference at the regulator but just thinking that maybe the dye regulator had to use compressed air and not co2. Well I went to the shop tryed his tank of compressed air still samething 200 psi. Problem in the regulator. Before the gauge. For some reason Trinity sent me a high psi gauge so these readings are ballpark. So we put a warrior reg. on for testing works at about 275 psi and up. But man did the gun kick without a barrell or hopper or paint for that low of pressure. Anyway he thinks that the co2 will not work with that regulator But even with his regulator it would not go up to 6 or 700 psi on the gauge. And who is to say that regulator want quit after a few shots. so I dont have a clue as to what to do at this point. Any Ideas?

For starters im going to get a new dye regulator:D