View Full Version : WTB E-Spyder & Tippmann parts

03-21-2008, 08:20 PM
Well after playing one day my sister-in laws b/f realized I know a few things about paintball I it take 10 minutes to unload everything out of the truck..

So he gave me a list of stuff he needs.

First up, He wants to get her a simple E-framed Spyder. Nothing fancy, just something that works. And a 20oz tank for it.
Looking to spend roughly $100

The he needs some stuff for his 98C.
~ Super cheap barrel adapter
~ Some kind of a black stock
~ Reactive trigger kit
~ remote
~ a pouch to carry a 20oz tank

Nah 85
03-21-2008, 09:59 PM
I got a dragun? will that work? Dragun plus spyder body and aftermarket barrel for 45.

03-21-2008, 10:25 PM
Sounds good... Got pic(s)?

03-22-2008, 07:35 AM
i have a milled out spyder pilot that was a project gun i never finished. all i did was mill the thing, i'll put it together once if you're interested

$40 shipped?

03-22-2008, 10:22 AM
Snap a pic or two & Ill run it by him... Im sure he'll want to get her one that isnt cut but I maybe wrong.