View Full Version : why not 12" freak insert?

03-18-2008, 07:29 PM
ok, so in the high end barrels, like the freak, they have different bore sizes, and matching the paint to the bore makes it more accurate, so why are the bores only a few inches long? wouldn't it be a lot better if they were the length of the whole barrel?

03-18-2008, 07:32 PM
umm, then you'd be stuck with the barrel length they gave you. and you only need a few inches for the ball to stabilize itself. plus think of how annoying it would be to pull out a foot long insert and how much space it would take up in your gear bag.

03-18-2008, 07:51 PM
yes, but if you thing about it, it really doesn't cost much to make a barrel, its just an aluminum pipe with some designs. so you could just buy 4-5 one piece barrels that don't take inserts, instead they each have a set bore size. yes it would take up more space and stuff but those are just tiny setbacks....wouldn't the accuracy be changed enough to make it worth it?

03-18-2008, 08:08 PM
no, i really dont think so. look at the stiffi and hammerhead barrels. their backs are only an inch long, and the hammerhead is an amazing barrel. if anything, keeping the barrel a uniform length for too long would create drag/friction, because the ball isnt going to go 100% straight, which is why almost all barrels, even 1pc barrels, have wider front bores than back bores.