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03-15-2008, 06:16 PM
i went to skirmish this past weekend with some buds of mine and i must just say wow..

i played the Tippmann Castle and it has towers, gates, ramparts, spiral staircases, interior rooms, a bridge from the inner castle to outer castle walls, and is three stories high making it the and baddest field in paintball! i even somehow went in the third story in a tower somehow by climbing the wall it was sickk and out side theres a wooden tank that you could acually go inside and is a sick shoting platform

i played a couple woodsball feilds there cool to i like that there were plenty or bunker to shoot from........

the last feild i played was circle city and that was just sick its a small course but it brings me bak to my speedball dayss

i saw that they finished the tippman city that has 26 building and i am gonna be there the day it opeans april 5th

the prices were reasonable 30 for entrance and 99 for a box of paintbal the paint was good only chopped like once...the gun techs there are amazing they are very knowledgeable and they actually somehow knew that one of my orings were broke in my mr2 and fixed it i love them lol

just go there its amazingggg