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03-09-2008, 03:43 PM
Some of these things have been posted before.

I ordered the BT AK47 barrel.

To make it look good, I had to move everything to the rear of the barrel. This meant removal of a C-clip that scratched the barrel, making another cleaning rod that was longer, and dremelling out certain pieces to slide onto the barrel further.

First mod needed was to cut this piece level in order for the grip to be plush with the body.

It's as simple as removing it, cutting with a hacksaw and painting it.

I didn't want to move the front site any further back, so I had to make a longer "cleaning rod" that would reach the grip.

I just used some rod that I had laying around. You can see in the pic the area of the barrel that got scratched removing the C-clip. This is where the grip was originally located.

So this is what we have so far:

03-09-2008, 03:50 PM
I ordered an AK47 clip for about $20.00.

First thing I did was remove the spot welds so i could remove the guts.

I cut the stock "mag" to allow me to slip the AK mag over it.

I needed some different bolts to attach it.

I also had to file and grind on it untill the AK mag slipped over it.

I Dremeled the AK mag to the shape of the MR1 body so it would fit against it.

Still need a couple bolts to finish attaching the mag and then some paint.

I also need to drill a hole for the air line, but you get the picture.


03-09-2008, 03:52 PM
I think a spec ops commando stock would do that MR1 justice.

drill and tap MR1 holes for it and you're set.


slim and shady
03-09-2008, 04:02 PM
Great Job!!!!!!!!!!

03-09-2008, 04:05 PM
damn slim i like your new project list!

I might have to kick it up a knotch ;)

03-09-2008, 04:58 PM
hmm, i think my friend still has an old mag (not sure if its AR or AK) lying around. we wanted to turn it into an external drive once but scratched the idea. i may be able to mod it to slip over my reg... thanks for the idea!

slim and shady
03-09-2008, 05:05 PM
I still got over 1000CND to go but im getting there. Good news though I got a lead on a Scepter for 400$ Only problem is it is for a A-5 and it is the style that attaches Via the barrel so im going to have to cut that off then mod it to atach to a 7/8 weaver rail. I dont think that should be to hard though. Getting the gun soon my local Pro shop is supposed to be tracking one down then I will order the board as soon as I know I got the gun. From there I will just pick away at it. Im not sure about the saw stock though what do you think? I want it because its different although a car stock would probably more useful but everyone has one. you know what im cluttering up someone elses thread with my garbage better make a new thread in the MR 2 section.

03-09-2008, 06:24 PM
where did you manage to find an AK mag?

03-09-2008, 06:33 PM
you can buy them online. heck, you can buy whole AKs at gun stores.

03-10-2008, 08:47 AM
I bought the mag on-line, but it took forever to get here.

The local gun shop had a whole crate of them so check a local guy first...wish I would have.

I'm glad everyone likes it.

The Spec. Ops stock would look awesome, but I really doubt this gun will be used much, if even at all.

I'm the kind of guy who has to mod everything I own so that it is NOT stock!

03-10-2008, 09:19 AM
I know what you mean...

...sometimes you spend all that time and effort and then when you're done, just don't feel like using it anymore, lol.

Great work, keep it up!

03-10-2008, 09:35 AM
Looking pretty good man!

03-10-2008, 01:05 PM
Great Work!!! That's an awesome looking gun you got.

03-10-2008, 02:25 PM
hey, can you get me measurements on that mag? (length and width) i have an idea in mind but not sure if it'll work...

03-10-2008, 06:26 PM
Close ups of the bolts holding on the AK mag please!

And very nice mod, looks very close to what I have in mind for my next MR1 project.

03-11-2008, 03:51 PM
Thanks for the compliments guys.:thewave:

DFSniper - The mag is about 25mm in the rear and tapers to 20mm in the front.

At the longest point it is just about 7".

pinkanese - The bolts are nothing special.

I was tapping them for 6/32" threads, but that tap broke so I currently have two threaded bolts and two self-tappers in it just to hold it for now.

I will have to decide what I want to do to finish it off, but I am doing a different project that is more important to finish right now.

03-11-2008, 04:00 PM
hmm, that may just work. i want to mount it to a VA with an adapter (ASA-to- 1/8th NPT) and run macro through the mag. if that doesnt work, i may have to find a full-bodied spyder to try it on.

03-12-2008, 04:07 AM
someone should try this on a MR2.

that would be cooler than getting an ex chamber bcuz after you throw the mag on, there may be just enough room to squeeze a CP reg underneath

03-12-2008, 09:00 AM
that would leave VERY little room. he said its 25mm and tapers to 20mm. a standard ASA is almost exactly 25mm in diameter (not sure what the MR2's vertical ASA is)

LT Hill
03-12-2008, 12:14 PM
That gun looks great! Nice work. :D

03-13-2008, 02:53 PM
i just walked past a gun catalog on the coffee table, and it showed a yugoslavian SKS. i realized it would be possible to make one using the AK barrel and a small (about 6rd) mag. you would just have to run a hose from the mag to an mp5-style stock w/gas-thru and get it anno'd in a wood grain pattern.

03-14-2008, 10:29 AM
that would leave VERY little room. he said its 25mm and tapers to 20mm. a standard ASA is almost exactly 25mm in diameter (not sure what the MR2's vertical ASA is)

You may be able to file the sides down to fit inside the mag.

Also, the measurements may be off a little as I tried to measure while it is on the gun.