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02-29-2008, 01:45 PM
I was wondering how much a used NME would go for now i was thinking about $250 or so but im not sure. heres some pictures of it if that helps.

XSiv Force
02-29-2008, 01:57 PM
I juist bought mine for 150

XSiv Force
02-29-2008, 01:58 PM
are you asking because we just talking about one

02-29-2008, 02:11 PM
lol i didnt realize you were just talking about them, but this guy on nation offered me his NME for my mini if i got it fixed but i have to add $100 so i was wondering if he is trying to rip me off or not

XSiv Force
02-29-2008, 02:15 PM
um it really depends....the one i bought for 150 was at a pro shop and it was pretty much brand new still in its original box

02-29-2008, 02:17 PM
yeah he said hes getting it in a trade so i dont know what upgrades it has on it yet, how do you like yours

02-29-2008, 02:19 PM
oh it has a 2.0 board whatever that is

XSiv Force
02-29-2008, 03:39 PM
have not had a chance to shoot it yet. as of right now it is a my moms house and im at college about 2.5 hours away. I will use it by the 15 thou. But looks i love mine is an olive drab, but the one that you had posted looks good as well

02-29-2008, 03:57 PM
as tim said in the other thread, is basically alias-performance, so compare an NME to an Alias and think about how much you could get an alias for...

02-29-2008, 04:16 PM
I don't think you should add more then $50... but that's me.

Stock WORKING Mini's go for $240ish right now... and you can find Alias' for $300 if you're lucky. So.... idk.

02-29-2008, 04:49 PM
^ yeah thats what i though

02-29-2008, 05:19 PM
Don't add anything for a NME, if anything he should be adding. NME is not worth anything resale.

02-29-2008, 05:26 PM
the Taco has spoken...

02-29-2008, 05:30 PM
the Taco has spoken...


02-29-2008, 07:52 PM
thanks, i thought i was getting ripped off but i just wanted to check