View Full Version : Valve: best bang for the buck ??.

02-28-2008, 08:20 AM
i need new valves for both of my guns (one LP and one stock) and was wondering if the more expensive valves are worth it. the three that i'm looking at:
32* Magnaport - $10 (with otterized stock valve pin)
Maddman Rocket valve - $35
AKA Tornado valve - $70

from otter's project LP (http://www.ottersccustoms.com/project.html), here are the stats for increase in FPS:
Stock: 275 FPS
Magnaport: N/A (unless otter meant the "Turbo valve" listed in the chart)
Rocket: 297 FPS (+22 FPS from stock)
Tornado: 294 FPS (+19 FPS from stock)

i know that the AKA valve is supposed to be really good, but i'm worried about the price, and, according to otter, the Rocket is better than AKA. so unless someone can vouch for the AKA, i still have to decide between the other two. if the "Turbo valve" listed in the chart is the same as the Magnaport, that puts it at +14 FPS over stock, which is still pretty good.

i know i'll probably get a magnaport for my stock gun (bad valve body, swapped cupseals and pins and everything) but should i get one for my LP project, or spend the extra $25 on a Rocket valve?

edit: ok, i confirmed it with the Ottman himself, and the Magnaport does give the +14 FPS.