View Full Version : New trigger for MR1?

02-20-2008, 07:45 PM
I've finally gotten sick of the sloppy standard trigger on the mech trigger frame. Are there decent replacements? (not a frame replacement)

deano 177
02-21-2008, 04:58 AM
I have seen some guys on here have made their own triggers. You could try that or just buy an new trigger...

02-22-2008, 01:29 PM
Which guys? :)

Or I could buy a new trigger? Yes... but my googlefu fails me and I need a pointer. Are we talking 3rd party brands here?

02-25-2008, 05:31 AM
If you are planning on keeping your gun mech and you are OK with the style of the double trigger, why not just mod your stock trigger to eliminate the "sloppy" play from side to side, and excess play from front to back? It can be done with items found in your garage for free. Just need a little DIY skills.