View Full Version : Spyderman723's unofficial eye installation thread

02-04-2008, 01:02 PM
Ok guys, I just got a request for a sort of how-to thread on the eye install.
Well I had my MR2 brought to my local shop and they installed them but did not drill.
So what I did was I got a hold of a bandsaw,drill press, and a dremel.Thats all you need,bandsaw isnt really needed but i needed it to chop my handgrip flush with my body.So drill press and a dremel.

But where I started was on otter's website.For those of you who don't know it by now..www.ottersccustoms.com

I reffered to his "eye installation" step.
I read some of the writing and it says what size bit to use with the drill press which is a 1/16 bit.

When drilling for the eyes you want to start on the feedneck side of the body(the right side) but obviously you want the feedneck off.

I drilled between the Ball detent and the tap for the feedneck's screw.

The thing is, when you drill starting from that side you want to keep going straight through into the other side of the body.Make sure you dont move the body because that could ruin the whole project. Try using clamps or a friend with a steady hand to hold the body still.

Once your eye holes are drilled, you will need to make channels for the eyes to sit in. You're going to need your dremel for this one. You want to try to make a deep enough channel where your eyes sit flush with the body. The body is aluminum so its easy to dremel out.

Now that you have drilled your eye holes, you may encounter a slight problem, like I have. When you go to screw your feedneck back on, the eye pokes too far into the chamber.NOT GOOD! 1st of all it restricts your paint from entering the breach, and 2nd you dont want the bolt to chop the eye off!

I havent come to a conclusion as to how to fix that, but I'm working on it. I think what I may have to do it dremel into the feedneck to give the eyes a little room.

Hope this helps you DIY guys. thanks