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My gift to the Spyder Community

Here they are- I did the best I could to cross reference these so use them at your own risk... I have used most of them in my own markers and they work just fine. In most cases you can even substitute Buna orings for urethane ones...

Main Body Assembly

Marker Part Spyder Part Number Technical Specs
Striker ORG001 015 (Polyurethane)
Bolt ORG002 015 80D
Velocity Assembly ORG008 010
Low Pressure Chamber ORG002 015 80D
Vertical Adapter (foregrip) ORG005 018
Vertical Adapter ORG002 (2) 015 80D
Valve ORG002 (2) 015 80D
Barrel ORG003 (2) 018
Macro Fitting/Regulator ORG008 011
Macro Line Inner O-ring ORG014 (2) NA
Tank O-Ring NA 015 80D

Valve Assembly

Spyder Part Number Technical Specs
ORG002 (2) 015 80D
ORG006 008 80 D
ORG016 009 80D
ORG017 N 1.00 X 003 (there is probable another correct size but these work just fine)

Regulator Assembly
(7 Total)

Spyder Part Number Technical Specs
ORG011 006 90 (clear)
ORG009 016 70
ORG010 012 90 (clear)
ORG012 (2) 006 90 (clear)
ORG013 009 (clear)
ORG018 008

ORG015 (Frame Screw O-Ring) listed in the parts list of the manual is not used.
ORG014 (Macro Line O-Ring) is used but not listed in this chart.

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