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02-01-2008, 08:30 PM
I recently got into the sport of paintball ABSOULUTELY LOVE IT. So i bought an MR1 i love it. I had bought it brand new in the package for 50 bucks i know great deal so i decided to upgrade a new frame i ordered this 3 days ago anyone wanna tell me if they have used it and the downsides (if any) when using it?



The difference between men and boys, is the price of their toys.

02-01-2008, 09:37 PM
Never used that particular frame but it's similar to most E-frames. You should really like it, Important thing w/the re-chargeable batt is follow any instructions that come with it. Initial charge is 8-12 hours and then follow on charges should only be 2-4 hours at a time, don't make the mistake many have and leave it charging for a couple of days, you will ruin the batt.

XSiv Force
02-01-2008, 09:38 PM
$50 Where I Will Go Buy 20 Of Um

02-01-2008, 09:51 PM
Beware of ANSgear... they do sell a lot of counterfeit goods.... *cough* MYTH *cough*

mr1 sniper
02-02-2008, 08:42 AM
i havent used that frame but like MVS1 said be careful about the charging. i think deano has the frame though

02-02-2008, 09:57 AM
$50 Where I Will Go Buy 20 Of Um

My friend bought 2 of them in hawaii honolulu i believe, one for him and his cousin that lived there. He moved to the states and never gave his cousin the gun, he had in the package for like 3 months and i offered him 50 bucks for it and he was like OK. So i bought my first gun for 50 but i believe he paid like $100 where he lived.

The difference between men and boys, is the price of their toys.

02-02-2008, 09:58 AM
Sorry about the double post, i woulda bought a rocking trigger but i heard they are illegal in most tournaments so i didnt wanna chance buying it.

XSiv Force
02-02-2008, 10:19 AM
L-u-c-k-y ^.^