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01-30-2008, 07:33 PM
alright ive got time ti kill(too much time)so ill tell a story and see if any of you have had similar experiences and want to share because you also have too much time on your hands and need to read this post like me:D

ok there is a local field named warfare paintball(bout a 45min drive from my house)...me and my team have played here 3 or 4 times over the past 3 months...our last time down there was last weekend(this will also be the last time me or any members of my team will ever be there).we were just going to have a small practice and play some of the local teams that cameout.well we got down there(this is the weekend after we had to come back due to the field not having any air)and we went ahead and paid our entry got our first fill and chrono'd.good deal.we were just waitin on a teammate to get here because he had our paint.so in the mean time we helped the field out with reffing and ref'd 3 or 4 games.ok warfares field team had been beatin walk ons all day long one game after the other.finally our teamate gets there with the paint so we gear up and go to test our guns real quick and we had one guy with a broken battery harness(how???we will never know),one with a leak,one with soup in the chamber(bout 35degrees that day),and one(me) with a down hopper...so we havent played one game all day long and helped them ref,thats it.so we ask if we can come back again next weekend and just use the entry we just paid for next week cuz we helped them out and didnt get to play a single game of paintball.well they werent having none of that...so we worked on our gear and finally got up 3 working guns/hoppers...we wanted to play their field team since they would for sure be the best competition down there.we get on the field and we pick up two walk on players...i had to borrow a revy to put on my pmr right b4 the game started.ok so we r pretty much ready to start and the owners wife comes down there and tells the ref(standing on the field at this point)to take a break...she then proceeds to tell the other ref that there is to be no refs on the field and can only ref from behind the netting...YES FROM BEHIND THE NETTING!!!...so my teamate that got there late didnt pay entry because he wasnt playing(makes sense right???)so he volunteers to ref this game.well she wasnt having any of that either...so the other ref(her son btw...)says 1min warning(ok???).then like 15seconds later just starts counting down...3...2...then the woman is like wait wait their teammate has to get off the field...ok he starts to walk off and as soon as he turns around to start walkin the ref proceeds to yell...1...go go go!so everyone on both sides of the field is like wtf?and just takes off runnin/shootin to their bunkers...WE ALL MAKE IT IN CLEAN...our home guy shoots 1 of their players off the break(he watches it break btw)and guess wat???HE KEEPS PLAYING..our home guy then starts yelling for a paint check and for their player to get out(he yells the whole game)he then shoots their 30 out.he then shoots this same guy he shot off break again,not once..not twice..but three times b4 he decides to leave the game(keep in mind he has been yelling this whole time)..all the while our 30 guy shoots snake in the foot/leg area and HE AGAIN DOESNT LEAVE THE GAME until he comes over the snake and shoots our 30 guy out..then their snake calls himself out for "gun troubles"...this is going on at the same time im shooting their 30 player in the hopper(again watching it break)...hmmm HE DOESNT LEAVE EITHER.our whole team is bassically yelling for paint checks and guess wat???no refs on the field to check for anyting.our home guy shoots out their home and then their 30 decides to walk off.leaving only their back right in and i come from our back left and clen him out...ok GAME IS OVER,...our teamate walks back out on the field...(i repeatTHE GAME IS OVER)only to get yelled at by the lady "reffing" to get off the field because he didnt pay entry fee???he then says but im not playing and she continues to yell and TELL him to leave...so he is pissed so he is like **** this and walks off the field...when he is walking off her son thinks he has to say something so he starts yelling and cussin at him while he is walking off...not good to do to a customer IMO...:rolleyes: so our team just starts picking up pods and getting our stuff together...their team walks by us and they have paint on their jerseys(paint from the playing on and/or wiping)...on top of that they were shooting uncapped...there was refs ON the field all day long(us+even her son)until we played their field team...hmmm...we were shooting between 13-15bps vs. uncapped...now at this point we are back in the parking lot and the owner comes out and we says bassically we dont care wats 'fair' "we will do wat we want because we have the money to do it so why dont yall go play on your field"...when asked why there was no refs allowed on the field the answer was "im not getting shot just to see if someone has paint on them".after a bit of argueing we pack up and leave...wastein $100 as a team(playin 1 game with 1 tank fill)...so we are not allowed back nor want to go back at all.when you drive that far and pay their sky high entry fee you expect better service and fair play...

Moral of the story is: if you are local to warfare paintball...dont go!!total waste of time and money...if you want fun games and fair competition go elsewhere.ive never heard of field staff bein this rude to players/customers.this was a warning to anyone who thought about going or has gone.

has anyone else ever heard of or had anything like this happen from a paintball field/store? i felt like gettin this out there...if anyone else wants to share or give opinions they can but lets not get EVEN more out of hand than it already might be:o

thank you

01-31-2008, 12:13 PM
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you need a tldr...

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wats tldr?

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basically a summary. tl dr stands for Total Loss; Didnt Read

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tldr = to long didnt read

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o.k?? lol

deano 177
02-28-2008, 05:08 AM
Wow. That sucks. What is the point of cheating in a pickup game? It's not like you can do that in the next level or even at most tourneys. Really stupid if you ask me. I would have packed my shiz up and left. That is really weak of them.

02-28-2008, 07:02 AM
so basically you beat them at their own game, while they were cheating, and THEN they banned you from the field. well, thats their loss and they have a bad rep now. post this on PBN in the regional section and see what responses you get.

XSiv Force
02-28-2008, 07:34 AM
i wonder what would have happened if you bunkered them

03-10-2008, 05:48 PM
Yea so im pretty happy that my team, Team Outlaw has 3 fields of our own, and we always have refs that show up either people from our team say they dont wanna play that day or we rotate. I would hate to have that service and if it were me i prolly woulda kicked someone's ***. Even when we play other local teams everything is usually fine little bit of **** talking at first but in the end we can all sit down and just chill together. Might wanna invest in one of those 50 pound tanks and use ur own fill station to get ur team air. Our team has 2 50 pound tanks and get them filled pretty cheap from a welding store. Better luck next time mate have a good one.

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