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01-23-2008, 12:58 PM
Never use the fedex smart post shipping.
I ordered some electronic hoppers from Action Village and use this smart post crap cause it was cheapest. It says right there 10-12 days but, I'm thinking how could it take that long. The order shipped on the 17th arrived in my home town on 20th its now the 23 and still no package:mad:
Just go ahead and pay the extra couple of bucks and get your stuff when you need it. I hate waiting for new gear. I can walk across my city in the time that its been sitting in some warehouse. You cant contact fedex you have to leave a message and some one will (never) get back to you. A dont get me started on the post office. dead end as well. morral of the story... if you hate waiting for new goods and your a trackaholic like me dont use smart post. I WANT MY LOADERS:headbrick:


spray and pray
01-23-2008, 01:10 PM
I know how you feel,It took me 12 days to get mine and I'm in ohio. 12 days but then I had to send it back because it was broken. I hat action village shipping. they put 2 packing pillows in with my hpa tank, I get it and it's broken and dented.

01-23-2008, 01:12 PM
I just hate Fedex/UPS as a whole.

1) Hard as hell to get ahold of
2) When you do get through, half the time they don't listen to you, the other half you get someone on the line with an IQ less than their shoe size
3) Once you've managed to communicate the fact that no one is home during the day, and that you'll have to take advantage of after hours shipping, they ship it at noon anyways.
4) After wondering what happened to a package that was supposed to be in 2 weeks prior, you call the sender, and find out it's been shipped back.

AKA, use USPS/Canada Post, haven't had many probs at all. And when I did, they made good on their insurance. :)

01-23-2008, 01:18 PM
I've contacted action village on how much it sucks. Tell them you hate it, if enough people do they might ditch it.

01-23-2008, 01:26 PM
I'm not sure what you guys are upset about, it clearly states 10-12 days. You picked that option so really unless it goes over 12 days you shouldn't be mad. I understand that its crappy that its sitting at the FedEx warehouse collecting dust, but they haven't broken the contract on your shipping, yet. Only person you should be mad at is yourself for assuming that even though it said 10-12 days it would get there sooner. I use both FedEx and UPS all the time, with the exception of one time, both have always delivered everything I have sent or ordered on time. DHL on the other had has never delivered anything that has been shipped to me on time, so I try to steer clear of them.

01-23-2008, 02:27 PM
It took mine 3 weeks. It literally got to 10 minutes from my house in 2 days, then sat somewhere for 2 and a half weeks.

spray and pray
01-23-2008, 02:35 PM
I think what shunut said is right, the wait didn't bother me. Just actionvillages bad packaging and how long it took. I had to ship it back ($20) because of them, asked them if they would refund my shipping, I scanned my recipt to them, they say they will send me the $20, 2 weeks later I get a $3 from action village..... I don't like thm anymore.

01-24-2008, 06:28 AM
Youíre absolutely right and Iím okay with that. Just trying to spread the word so no one makes the same mistake as me ya know?
I work in the shipping biz and I know how things work but, I never thought it would sit there in a warehouse for 3 days in my city for 3 days before they take it to the post office.
The whole point of the smart post idea is to eliminate this type of service at the post office and speed up your delivery. I think it would have made it faster by post office.
Any way your right though itís my own fault for trying to save a couple of bucks. I donít know about you but, I work hard for my money and hate giving it to some one else when I could have more fun with it.


01-24-2008, 06:11 PM
Shunut is absolutely right.

Smart post also goes fedex then I believe post office, cause the one time I did smart post the mail man, not Fedex dropped it on my door.

01-28-2008, 02:25 PM
the military has something similar to this overseas. its called space-available mail. basically you pay minimal shipping, and they send it when they have room on the plane/truck thats going in that direction. i'm guessing thats kind of how smart post works.