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ross * pilot
01-22-2008, 12:27 PM
I have some annoying gunk in the chamber, where the bolt sits, and im trying to get rid of it... How do you guys clean your chamber? i think its slight mixture of paint and lube.. ive tried squeegeeing it, but that just leaves more of a mark. any suggestions?

01-22-2008, 12:31 PM
Nothing is better that hot soapy water. get the soapy water so hot so that you can hardly stand it, then get a wash cloth and a pole and try and clean it, it should work, it has never failed me yet:)

01-22-2008, 12:31 PM
after sqeegeeing it run a rag through it

01-22-2008, 12:32 PM
I usually just roll up a couple paper towels into a dowel and kind of "floss" the entire body. If you really were having problems you could probably just take the body off and clean it with water. Just make sure its dry before you put it back together.

ross * pilot
01-22-2008, 12:35 PM
Ok ill try that.. so i would have to take the top half of the gun off and remove the valve right along with all of the other internals correct?

01-22-2008, 02:07 PM
Yep, totally break down the marker to just the body and give it a good washing in the sink with hot soapy water. When you're done, if you'd like to polish it some internally, get a shotgun cleaning cloth brush (the kind that looks like a fuzzy bullet) and pop the flexi-part of a paintball barrel swab off. Put the threaded end of the shotgun cleaning plug in the open end of the flexi tubing and a wooden dowel in the other end. Put that completed unit in a cordless drill, apply some very fine polish and insert in the valve tube. Spin away and polish. I've used this method and it works.

01-23-2008, 07:19 AM
i always take mine apart and run hot soapy water through right after i use it and i run a rag though it after.