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01-20-2008, 06:42 PM
im not sure if im in the right section but id like to know what guns and mods are used in the spyder tournements.

id like to build like a replica gun and im very interested in what guns, barrels, hopper combanations are legal and what people use. i may even build the gun to compete

01-20-2008, 08:04 PM
I know that at the Spyder Cup, you must shoot a Spyder.

01-20-2008, 08:07 PM
Im pretty sure that the gun you use has to be a spyder, and keep the spyder basic functions. Im sure you can upgrade the guns striker, bolt, feedneck, regs, etc and still use it.

01-21-2008, 12:38 PM
as far as i know the only thing you cant have is the trinity body

01-21-2008, 12:47 PM
Here are (or where) the tourny rules http://www.spyder.tv/spydercup/section/rules.html

Quoted from the rules..Spyder Markers Only
Every device used to propel a paintball during any Spyder Cup 2007 event must be a Spyder paintball marker and must be recognizable as such. Upgrades to the barrel, regulator, feed neck, grips, bolt, expansion chamber, and external cosmetics will be allowed as long as the marker can still be easily recognized as a Spyder marker and the basic functioning of the marker remains that of a Spyder. At no point may the Spyder name or logo on a marker be covered or removed. Each player will only be allowed to carry one marker with one attached barrel during each match.

So basically, make a "Sleeper", the best most competitive marker you can as long as it still looks like the manufacture had something to do with it. And you notice they don't mention an after-market board in the items that where allowed to be upgraded.

01-21-2008, 02:50 PM
mostly i saw was vs2 but some ppl had vs3 and im pretty sure they were using fasta loaders i cant remember tho

01-21-2008, 03:38 PM
It would have been nice to see a team rocking some old spyder's that had been up'd like crazy eatin up guys w/VS-2's & 3's that had ran out and bought them just so they could compete.

01-21-2008, 04:53 PM
I saw a guy who had an AMG and he was mowing faces.