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01-15-2008, 10:27 AM
I have never been to one of these scenarios but i really want to go to one. if anyone knows of a good one for a first timer then please let me know. I cant wait to find one that will be fun.

01-15-2008, 12:03 PM
its gonna be spendy

Origanally Posted byVarent212
20 oz CO2 (want to replace with bigger tank )

it doesn't get much bigger that 20 oz unless you are talking HPA. i have a 24oz co2 tank but they are hard to find. Maybe consider getting a second 20oz, or a 16oz?

Origanally Posted byVarent212
Evolution Electric Hopper ( should i replace? )

stick with this it will serve you good. you certainly don't need anything better if you only have an MR1!!!

instead put the money into a barrel, i would go with a freak.

01-15-2008, 03:25 PM
My comments in GRAY:

You can search Google for "Paintball Scenarios" and links will come up for various forums, as well as public bulletin boards that list games and where.

Spyder MR1 (gonna be bad /\$$) Nothing wrong with it...you'll be slower on paint than with an electroframe...that's a plus.
Stock Barrel (wish to be replaced ) Freaks are great barrles but expensive. Even used, they fetch up to $100 depending on the back's threads and all inserts. A used Freak Jr (with 3 inserts) gets about $60 used. Consider J&J Ceramics...about $25 used on-line.
Stock Elbow ( soon to be dogfooted ) I don't know anything about "dogfooted" feednecks so I'll leave this alone.
Remote ( works fine to my standards ) I use 2 as well. One is permanently attached to my scenario vest, one is loose for use with pod packs. Either way, you need a small bottle of PB oil to lubricate the ORings inside the remote fittings.
Evolution Electric Hopper ( should i replace? ) Not unless you have a problem with it. I would however, pick up an extra set of shells and battery door in case of a break during the day.
20 oz CO2 (want to replace with bigger tank ) As said, 24oz tanks can be hard to find but you might luck out by going to a soda bottling company and have an airsmith modify (replace) the valve...although if it comes with the old "Thermal" valves, all you would need is some kind of hose adapter to link it to the remote.Instead of doing that, I'd pick up a few more 20oz tanks...or pick up a 68/45 or larger. Crossfires and Pure Energy are good tanks.

Also, consider the size of the scenario you are attending. My home field hosts several throughout the year, most are WWII based...Stalingrad and Berlin games are one-day games and host about 1500 players. The Normandy game this past year hosed 4300+ players and spanned 2 days. OK D-Day is a week long event.

You need to associate your game needs with:
1. How long the scenario is
2. How many opponents you are facing
3. How much paint and air you plan on using
4. What supplies you will need for that length of time
5. Eating, drinking and bathrooming
6. How much equipment you plan on taking in-field.
7. Spare equipment in case something goes wrong - marker, hopper, tanks (burst discs and ORings) and above all SAFETY GEAR. Either a back-up mask or a spare lens for the one you use most often.
8. Spare clothing for weather, extra socks for boots/cleats to prevent blisters...and DEODORANT because no one wants to smell ya half way through the day.
9. Water is important regardless of climate

and anything else that anyone else can add.

XSiv Force
01-18-2008, 05:41 PM
My very first one was Bear Claw with Team Nitro (Georgia) as an Honorary Member. Because im just that good. not a walk on. an honorary member