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02-14-2006, 05:06 PM
I just bought an electra 05 and need help. So far its stock other than im using a remote. Im using a 72/3000 tank.

1. It chops balls badly when im getting on trigger hard (20+bps)
Can this be due to outshooting my hopper? Im using an Empire.

2. Also im having the same problem i have seen here that at high rates
of fire, the gun burps and the bolt disengages. So its either 1 or the
other every time, chop or burp.

3. I have stripped down gun after each use and cleand the bolt and other
internals and re-lubed the orings.

4. Are there any upgrades I can add to avoid the chop or to stop the
bolt from disengaging right in the middle of a battle. Its getting

5. I have a few friends with IONS and i cant let them get the best of me.
I will do what it takes to prove i made the right choice on guns.:)

Thanks in advance for any help. Spyder05guy

02-14-2006, 06:06 PM
most likely the stock regulator is not recharging fast enough @ high ROF.(causing it to not re-cock)

or possibly u are out shooting ur hopper ?(are the batteries low in the hopper ?)(causing the chops)

then there is a deadly thing called too much " Blo-By"

with the Kingman ACS bolt, or other bolts out there that has no O'rings, some of the co2/Air escapes around the bolt and up the feedneck , causing the balls to feed a lot slower, resulting in chopping. But if ur ACS bolt is worked in well, the bolt should just catch the ball , when its half way down the breech. Even with a force fed hopper , this is still the case, as the amount of Blo-By is quite a huge amount , especially if the bolts overall diameter is a lot less than the Internal diameter of the bore.
if its the stock ACS bolt, the 90 degree angle of which the co2/air enters the bolt , the turbulance will be generated at a very High ROF.
if u chrono your marker , i would say ur getting around 240/250 fps, and also deffinately see a huge difference in each shot, as much as + - 20/30 fps .

put a few balls into the feedneck without the hopper on, and shoot the first ball, i bet u will see the other balls fly out a good 2 ft in the air,
If your using a spring kit to get high fps balls will fly as bad as 6/7 ft .

i had problems when going LP , but after reading from forum to forum and getting into contact with some nice people who own companies that make after market products , i have indeed learned a lot about how each and every piece of the marker works and performs.

some products do not go well with this marker.

Try IPS sunbear bolt,ask for steve and he can make a bolt to fit ur marker perfect. The aka lightning bolt still gave the electra 05 blo-by due to the placement of the front o'ring. It was also a lot heavier as well.

as long as ur not out shooting your hopper, u will very rarely chop.
barrel breaks are different, due to either crrapp brittle paint or paint to bore size, which the latter is not really the problem in your case if u are using stock barrel (0.693), most common size paint bore is from 0.687-0.691

02-14-2006, 07:43 PM
i chrono'd in the 290's and i did upgrade to an aftermarket spring. The stock spring had me maxxed out in the 260's. The batteries in the hopper were new, and im sure i was out shooting the hopper. As far as a good after market regulator, can you recommend one? Now that you mention it im sure blo-by as you call it was a problem because the paint streaks were in an upward motion around the feedneck and in the drop area of the hopper. I will look into the bolt issue. Will the after market bolt still be an ACS bolt? As in will it just be the delrin portion that i will have to assemble to the other portion of my bolt hardware?

Thanks again

02-14-2006, 07:54 PM
make sure that your bolt is well broken in...try that before you buy a new one.

02-14-2006, 08:16 PM
Bolt :
check to see how much Blo-by u are getting.
put a few balls into the feedneck without hopper on and shoot just 1 ball. if the rest of the balls really fly out of the feedneck, then u r getting quite a bit, if they only fly out a few inches , then u r ok, this means u got a good bolt to bore fit.
But a bolt without o'rings will result in a small or large amount of blo-by.
to reduce or eliminate blo-by, get a bolt with o'rings, preferbly 1 with 3 o'rings.(1 o'ring on either side of the bolt inlet hole and 1 at the front of the bolt)

go for a good brand that has a good recharge rate.
ie, Aka, palmer, cp...etc
if ur using co2 , check the spec of the regulator first , as some work better with co2 and some dont.

Im using compressed air with a AKA 2 liter, realistically an overkill and expensive, but i wanted to make sure there were no issues over looked, as im hitting 18-20 bps measured on stop watch and 200 paintballs ( stock board).
on a cold winters morning , i dont think ill get anywhere near that though, lol.
big difference when concentrating on a game rather than your fingers.

02-15-2006, 12:56 AM
Spyder Electra 05 has not any regulator.

Maybe your hopper are to slow, and try another ball, one new and good, a ball that is a bitt "hard" or not the higest end turny ball because they have very veak shell fore a HP marker and fore the ACS bolt if you have a "slow" hopper.
ACS bolt is hard on the ball if the hopper are slow, it is importent you not have wrong/ bad, old ball to it..

and the ball size..

02-15-2006, 04:55 AM
i went to the AKA site and noticed they carried the AKA 2litre+ in low pressure and high pressure. Which do i need for my Electra05? Also does this replace my blue foregrip?

Thanks again for all the help, i had no idea there would be so much emphasis on after market parts to really get the marker tuned in. But like any hobby i guess, you can be as low end as you want or high end as you want.

02-15-2006, 05:16 AM
You will need the HP version for the 2L, and yes it will replace your foregrip.

02-15-2006, 05:28 AM
original post by primal
Spyder Electra 05 has not any regulator.

it sure does have 1 the last time i checked.

02-15-2006, 05:53 AM
the AKA 2 liters LP = 0-350 Psi
HP= 250-550 Psi

unless u r goin LP with your electra 05, i would go for a different brand that can regulate any pressure upto 850 Psi.
I have got my marker down to 450 psi with just the AKA 2liter and a high flow VA, but not every marker will be the same.
Goin LP has its ups and downs, and can get very expensive unless u do home mods .
you may well run into problems if u dont know what u are doin, like i did the hard way, but had plenty of fun doin so.
Reading facts and looking for advise will help u on your way.
Its a ball ache when ur marker is not complete and having problems and u have a game comming up, that is 1 reason why i bought after market products, so i can just put most of the stock parts back in to get it running good again until after the game.
Modifiying a marker does not necessarilly mean its goin to be a better gun, to me it was mostly fun.
it can be expensive that the money u put into the UPPs is enough to get u a better marker.
If i had the choice again, i would have bought a body or cheaper spyder , mabe second hand and built from that.

02-15-2006, 11:18 AM
original post by primal

it sure does have 1 the last time i checked.

Stock Spyder Electra 05 do not have a reg.

02-15-2006, 01:14 PM
sorry my bad..:o

i was meant to say expansion chamber ....

got myself confused with another thread on another forum.

02-16-2006, 04:21 AM
hehe ok that is rhigt ;)