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01-08-2008, 07:29 PM
I am only going to be playing/practicing for tourny style speedball this year b/c I plan on hitting a few psp/nppl events, so I have decided to part out my lotus autococker to get some extra cash to help fund this year.

Please keep in mind that my prices include paypal fees and priority mail shipping

Gun All put together in good lighting so you can see what it looks like:

Parts for sale:



1. Freeflow lotus body, NOT drilled for eyes, comes with back block, VA, freeflow clamping feedneck, valve nuts, freeflow bolt that is alittle banged up but still functions 100% and AKA pull pin. NO front block.

Body is in perfect shape except for a small mark by the detent hole, under the back block from beavertail and on top from pull pin, nothing major and hardly noticeable when gun is together.

Price: Sold


2. Eclipse Super charger valve with spring.

Price: $30 obo

3. Eclipse Rex dialer.

Price: $55 obo

2 and 3 together: $75 obo

4. Small frame extender from BM, makes frame look like it goes all the way to end of the body.

Price: $10 obo

5. AKA valve and spring.

Price: $65 obo

6. Freeflow SS hammer and spring.

Price: $20 obo

5 and 6 together: $75 obo

7. Eclipse Beavertail with screw that is perfect length to fit with rex dialer.

Price: Sold on pbn

8. WGP timing rod, wrapped in black heat shrink.

Price: Sold on CC

9. AKA SS straight pump arm, wrapped in black heat shrink.

Price: Sold on CC

8 and 9 together: Sold on CC



10. Belsales mag .44 ram.

Price: Sold on CC

11. Palmer micro rock.

Price: Sold on CC

12. Belsales Hollowpoint:

Price: Sold on CC

13. CCM low profile front block and CCM low profile banjo screw.

Price: Sold on CC

10, 11, 12 and 13 together: Sold on CC

Gloss black CP reg in first pic $50 obo

Ultralight cut WGP frame with orracle trigger and dm6 grips $55 obo

I perfer to sell the valves and hammers together as they are perfectly sprung the way they set.

If you buy a valve with the body I will install it for free.

All items are like new in box and have barely been used, most less then a case.

As always the more you buy, the more i am willing to deal.

Please post here before contacting me.

post here then pm
AIM: paintball6684

01-09-2008, 10:31 AM
Up for today, updated what is gone and what is left.