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01-07-2008, 09:59 PM
I've recently gotten into paintball with a bunch of buddies. Gone out to the fields twice, once woodsball and once speedball. I enjoyed both, but none of us have a clue on strategy. My last outing was speedball, and did a 5-on-2 game (5 of us noobies vs 2 guys that are on a team). Needless to say, they owned us every time. What sort of basic strategy should we use? Also, I know that there are terms that are used to signify the different bunker locations on the field....doritos or frito-lays or something like that. Can someone please explain?

01-12-2008, 07:57 AM
i don't play much speedball but i do know that with enough practice, you will get better,(communication is key) it is also good to play against people who are better than you.

sorry i can't help much more than that

01-12-2008, 08:17 AM
On the speedbal field, there are different terms to call different bunkers.
"Doritoes" are the wedge shaped bunkers, "cans" are the tall cylindrical ones, the "snake" is the long, low bunker, usually on one side of the field. Communication and movement are the keys, you and your teammates need to be able to communicate where you are going at the start so you don't all get bunched up behind one bunker. Also, you need to be able to tell each other where the opponents are. You will see teams call out what bunker, and the distance, almost like there are football field hash marks. Also, not everyone needs to advance, you and your teammates need to figure out who can maintain high rates of fire for longer periods (so they can provide cover fire), who can haul ass (so they can move up quickly), who can do each of the things neccesary, again, with established teams, they have individuals who are front players, mid players, and back players, each has specific functions and duties.

For woodsball, depending on the number of people you play with, and their skills, break up into teams of 2-3 (depending on game size, terrain and people). each of these teams need to be able to operate as an independant unit, providing covering fire for each other as they move forward, calling out positions of opponents to each other and to other fire teams to flank and eliminate, etc. For bigger games, like scenarios, you also need to be able to operate as a larger unit with scouts, point men, medium gunners and commanders. This isn't as huge a deal in your average woodsball game, but the more you learn to move and communicate as a team, the better.

01-12-2008, 07:40 PM
Going out on your own in woods-pb is a good idea too, as you'll always find the one guy that you can never find at the end of the game... ;)

Ace posted a good thread on pb sniping as well, and it's a good read.