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02-14-2006, 04:24 AM
hi im trying to help out my nephew with his spyder rodeo, it seems that air is leaking internally i can hear it coming out of the ball feed on top of the marker. im thinking that he needs a new cup seal and some orings but i want to make sure thats what would cause this type of leak. also i see where i can get the cup seal but i cant find a oring kit or anyplace to buy the orings #9 in the parts breakdown looks like the markeruses about 8 of them.

any tips or ideas would be great!


02-14-2006, 05:07 AM
bolt orings or cupseal on the valve. replace them and it should stop. lapco cupseals are good but black magic are supposed to be better. get 2 right away so you have a spare.

02-14-2006, 07:13 AM
you can get parts here:

Actionvillage Kingman parts (http://www.actionvillage.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/en/-/USD/BrowseCatalog-Start;sid=F8p4O9IEdyF4AJH2Fv-4k9iiqGUBMtLa-Ng=?CategoryName=paintball-gun-parts-and-upgrades-kingman-gun-upgrades-kingman-parts-and-accessories)


02-14-2006, 07:28 AM
thanks for the info, as far as parts, the cocking bolt on his marker is got some where on the end of it, is there a good one to upgrade to or should i just buy a new stock one?

02-14-2006, 10:49 AM
wear is normal...light scratching, anno wear, etc. but if there are [B]deep[B] gouges in either the breech/bolt area you will need to sand them/replace the bolt. A pic would help...but you can always upgrade the bolt if you want to...get an ACS bolt (anti chop system) in either delrin or aluminum...your choice...but break it in before playing. Take a washrag, roll it up and stuff it down the feed neck. Shoot it 200 times (air only, no paint) to wear in the spring in it.

02-14-2006, 12:30 PM
just to be sure, what i am talking about is the assembly in for the rear cocking that you actually pull back to cock the marker, im assuming thisis what actually hits the paintball to fire it.

ill take some some pics later today and post them, it does mostly look like its the finish that has worn on the end of the bolt but ill inspect it. we play every other weekend & last week he had to use a rental because the rodeo wouldnt crono low enough, didnt have this issue the previous time & it started to leak within the gun.


this part is what im talking about, is this ok for the rodeo?

02-14-2006, 12:41 PM
that bolt would would work, since the rodeo is rear cocking and that bolt is also.

As for the velocity problem, do you have any aftermarket parts ??. Try different springs to fix this problem, you can probaby get a 9 piece 32* spring kit for 6-10 dollars.

You really don't need to replace the bolt, you could just polish it, and probably otterize the bolt.
bolt mod (http://www.ottersccustoms.com/boltmod.html)
Polish (http://www.ottersccustoms.com/polishing.html)

02-14-2006, 04:26 PM
O-rings can also be found at most hydraulic shops, and places like that, just take the o-rings with you so they can match the size, there a dime a dozen.

02-14-2006, 06:35 PM
i got my rodeo a few weeks ago and had the same problem
but i forgot about it for a while and it went away after i charger the co2 a few times

02-15-2006, 02:21 PM
well that problem should be fixed easily .. where is it leaking out for you beaver ??

02-15-2006, 04:33 PM
right next to the pressure valve

02-16-2006, 02:42 PM
ahh, then you should just find the same procedure as sim. Your cupseal, or valve o-rings could be bad. but also the spring could be too weak to keep the valve shut

02-16-2006, 02:46 PM
what i didn't need the help
the leak went away when i tightened down the foregrip handle

02-16-2006, 05:12 PM
what kind of gun do you have ?? ... If it's the rodeo, i recommened putting teflon on the foregrip, and tighten it up real good, so the leaking isn't likely to happening again.

Or is your va and foregrip like the allen screw ones ...